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ID Verification for BD

Hello, Greetings from Atiq!
Today I received a notification to verify my ID. I am from Bangladesh and the ID card was given to me has two parts. I tried to verify my ID by submitting the front side of my ID card( Which includes my photo) after that I took a selfie. But the system says they could not verify my ID because of the picture quality.
I tried three times and now my account is disabled.
I have an order in my queue. I need to deliver it by tomorrow. So please help me to solve this.
Thank you.


Don’t worry. You will send the message on fiverr help & support with screen short your whole doc and your profile and write all your problems. I think they will better support you. :+1:


You can submit your delivery. No tension. My account is also disabled for this verification system. I am facing this problem since 15 days. Still my profile is locked. I am communicating with cs.


What is CS?
And how could I communicate via CS?

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I submitted an issue on fiver support. But they reply after 24 hours. I am new in Fiverr just started getting my buyers. One buyer knocked me for a permanent job. And this happened.

You can complete your active order. Support will help you.

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CS means Customer Support

As far as I know, Fiverr doesn’t accept old NID cards right now. You can submit your new NID card or passport. Or you can contact customer support. :slight_smile:

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How can I contact with my buyers via CS ?

If you have enough active order(s) you can complete them but if you’re in a conversation with buyers but didn’t place any order. Then there’s no way you can continue communicating with them.

old NID means? paper laminating card?

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Someone said he verified his account yesterday with old NID

Yeah. (New NID card means Smart NID Card)

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Trying to confirm my ID as per the request but fivver camera doesn’t work on my side

I have no smart card. What can I do now?


You can submit your passport.

*Submit your Smart NID card Font and back side high resoulation quality you can use dslr or edit with photoshop.

  • then knock fiverr Live chat. submit it.
    *Hope it will solved.

If failed then knock me.

Hello Rayhan,
Thank you for your response. I don’t have a smart NID card. I have an old NID card. When will I get a smart NID card it’s not sure. Then how could I verify my identity?

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try to submit it.No way… @atikfec

I already tried for 5 times with my old NID card. If you are from Bangladesh, then you should know that our government has stopped distributing smart NID card. I have my old NID card. But I am failing again and again. I tried to verify from a different mobile thinking that it’s might be my camera which is causing the problem. But the result was same.