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ID Verification for BD

Contact Fiverr live chat. And explain to them that now in this situation govt. are stop issuing the smart cards. Try to convince them.

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Fiverr live chat is still available ?
As far I know it was a beta testing service. Could you please tell me how could I find live chat?

If your government has stopped issuing said card, then you should go about applying for a driver’s license or an international passport. The verification through passport is very smooth, no hitches. I know because that’s what I used for verification after my ID was constantly rejected.

Issuing passport is not so easy in our country. It also needs money and time. And I don’t have any of these right now.

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Thank you all guys. I have successfully verified my ID.

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How you have verified your ID? I am in stuck since 20 days. Please help me.

Use better mobile phone to verify your ID iPhone is best.

Hello Atikfec, I faced exactly same issue like you…my account got disabled today. I have online copy of my Bangladesh NID which is in pdf format. I printed my nid and took photo and submitted them on fiverr but they rejected it. I don’t know what to do know please help me :slight_smile:

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so sad and that’s the problem we are facing from bd

i also have the online i didn’t get the hard copy now what can i do ?

@atikfec congratulation brother

Have you tried verifying your account?

CS Means: Customer Support

Share your experience with us! How do you straggle with that?