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ID verification.. I got to the last page

I was so surprised to see my all my gig on my account on the last pages of every niche… I was in first page… Is it a very bad idea to verify a account…?
Whats gonna happen? will all my gig got restored after some weeks or what’s my faith…?
I’m same confused… :roll_eyes::thinking:


No, it’s not a bad idea to verify one’s account. Really, it’s the only way one will be allowed to stay on the platform long term. So it’s a great idea to follow Fiverr’s rules and verify your account.

As many have said before, “Correlation does not equal causation.” This phrase means that just because your gig moved to the last page after you verified doesn’t mean that your verification was the cause for that. Fiverr’s algorithm for gig placement is very tricky, and there are mixed reviews as to how much gig placement affects sales. Some people have still gotten steady orders or even seen an increase while on the last page, and others have experienced the opposite result. It’s all volatile and subjective.

Best of wishes!


Thank you for your reply

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i have the same problem before verification i got 10 order now i have one that also come by old buyer :frowning:

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