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ID Verification Issue (May 2020)

Hi, I got notification for ID verification yesterday.
I am Pakistani and my national Identity card is in Urdu language.
I submitted the documents and fiverr system rejected it.
I contacted Fiverr Support , they said that only english documents are accepted.
I don’t have driving license and passport.

I can apply for Passport but it takes 7 working days to get passport but problem is we have EID festival here and there 6 Official leaves in all over Pakistan.
Fiverr verification timer is showing 13 days left that means after the official leaves I will have only 6 days (not working days).

*** What should I do now?**
*** After 14 days I will not be able to buy and sell but will there be option to verify my account even after 14 days?**
*** How many attempts I can make?**

I hope I will get detailed answer from senior forum users.
Thank you.