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ID Verification Issue (May 2020)

Hi, I got notification for ID verification yesterday.
I am Pakistani and my national Identity card is in Urdu language.
I submitted the documents and fiverr system rejected it.
I contacted Fiverr Support , they said that only english documents are accepted.
I don’t have driving license and passport.

I can apply for Passport but it takes 7 working days to get passport but problem is we have EID festival here and there 6 Official leaves in all over Pakistan.
Fiverr verification timer is showing 13 days left that means after the official leaves I will have only 6 days (not working days).

*** What should I do now?**
*** After 14 days I will not be able to buy and sell but will there be option to verify my account even after 14 days?**
*** How many attempts I can make?**

I hope I will get detailed answer from senior forum users.
Thank you.

Yes, you will be allowed to do your ID verification after the 14 days by simply contacting Fiverr telling them that you have your ID ready.

Your funds will be intact.

Failure to do your ID verification within the 14 days. your account will be temporarily suspended… Unless the rules have changed. So relax. Anytime you are ready Fiverr CS will be there to assist you.

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Perfect. Thats great news

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Matter was solved after providing the passport scanned copy.
They restricted my account until verification.

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