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ID Verification not working!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I received an email to proceed to my ID verification within 14 days.
I tried multiple time and each try they told me that my picture was not visible enough to verify my identity.
Then I tried this morning taking my picture in an environment with a lot of lighting and everything and I got an email that my ID verification couldn’t achieve and that my account was temporary suspended !!!

I contacted the help support team and I am still waiting for an answer at the moment .

Can you please help me solve the issue if anyone has been through this before .
I have ongoing orders and I don’t want to loose my clients !!!

Every inch of help will be much appreciated !!!


its sad situation. important thing is that why they asked to verify, they might notice anything wrong. may be anyone try to open your account by using fake password. or any spam issue.
first of all that should be corrected.


Thanks for your answer.
But I don’t think that anyone tried to enter my account as I normally receive an email each time a new device tries to connect to my account !
Have you ever been in this situation before ? Is the help support team gonna answer me soon you think ?

I don’t know what to do , really don’t wanna loose my account …

we should search the solution from this forum. many people face that kind of problem and later they tell the solution. dont worry
you will find the solution soon. hope for the best


Customer Support will be able to help you with this.

They are extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.

Check out this article:

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I cannot wait 10 days it is a lot as I have a long term collaboration with a client and if he sees that he cannot make a new order he might get suspicious and stop working with me because of Fiverr system bug !!!
They say that they should answer back in 48-72 hours maximum, 10 days seems a bit exaggerated no ?

Also thank you for the article but it does not answer my problem

Hopefully you will hear back sooner than the 10 days I mentioned which was based on recent forum posts.

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