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ID Verification Problem and Temporary Disabled Account

I am Samun from Nepal,

I recently received message from fiver stating i should verify my ID within 14 Days, i have no issue wit that so i immediately started the process. As for Nepal , Fiverr only accepts Passports which is ok but as you all know Clicking a perfect picture of passport is hard as it has a holographic shiny sticker coated. I tried my best to do it but after 3 attempts i got temporarily disabled. I contacted Fiverr help and they sent me a link i tried for the forth time with super high quality camera but still rejected. Any other way to verify?


It has been discussed in very detail in this topic

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Hi Hazel,

I actually followed every step as in the post except for further touchup of the Clicked photo but still Fiverr didn’t accept the Picture. As i mentioned Passport was only an option for me so i had to use it, and with its reflective coating it is somewhat impossible to get a perfect picture . I clicked nearly 50 picture and every picture was kinda same. I dont think there was an issue with selfie.

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Have you tried using a scanner instead @samunlee

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No, he must not use scanner

We ask that you do not take photos of scanned images of yourself or your ID, as we cannot verify those photos.

Copied from Seller help centre.

Are you doing this process on a mobile device?


Hi mofeoduntan,

Yes i actually did on my first try. I had saved my scanned copy of my passport.

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oh! try and discuss with support, they are friendly, and would definitely help you sort it.


Waiting for their second reply, i can see my ticket is still open so there is hope. But i am sure i have done the process correctly. I have never faced id verification problem ever even with banks and national/international documents procurement.

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I wish you good luck, cheers!


Hey Guys, With the help of Customer Support team ( George) i was finally able to verify my account. Cheers.


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Hi Samun,

Did your passport have watermark when you upload it to Fiverr verification system? As I scanned or took a picture of my passport, the passport still can not avoid the watermark.

And how did the CS help you? could you please kindly help to elaborate their process? I contacted them and they did give me few attempts to try again but still not go through.

Appreciate your reply.
Thank you.


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Hello Friends, With the help of Customer Support team ( Marko) i was finally able to verify my account. Today i am very very Happy