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ID VERIFICATION PROBLEM - My photo won't upload

Hi there!
I need to verify my account with an ID photo but I can’t go further this step!
I have taken more than 30+ photos, ID card, Driving Lincese and Passport but nothing seems to work. My photo won’t upload so I can’t press the next button…
I have tried the link verification on Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox, but nothing seems to work…
Also, I have an iPhone X.
Anyone else with this problem?

Please help me.
Thank you.


For ID verification, it need to do by phone ( whatever brand).
Need to login by phone before doing this process.
Fiverr will give you first step for selfie.
Then you will able to upload selfie and will go to next step.


Hi! Thank you for your answer.
Yes I do it with my phone. I chose Driving License then I take the photo with my phone and press ‘‘Use Photo’’ but then nothing happens, it’s like I didn’t take a photo at all! I keep trying but nothing happens so I’m stuck in Step 1 because I can’t press Next button without any photo…


This exact same thing is happening to me as well, and so far none of the fixes provided to me by customer support has worked. I even tried someone else’s phone, but the same problem occurred.

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Hello, I have the same problem and I wrote to the Custumor Support, they send me a link and instructions after 2 days, I followed everything but I have the same problem, the picture doesn’t attach at all and I can’t verify my account, I tried with different browsers in my phone and nothing… I send them the second e-mail, I am waiting to see what’s happening…

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I have the same problem. Please keep up to date on this. It won’t go to the next page

I have the same problem

Same issue here, iPhone 11 running the iOS 14 public beta.

Happy to hear I’m not the only one having this problem… As Sarabigley said, I also tried an another phone (I have an iPhone and I tried my friend’s phone that is an Android) and it didn’t work.
I think the problem is with our account… Hope we get a solution soon!

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Optimistic, Surely it will be taken care of

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It would be good if you state your point to the Fiverr Customer Support.

Same here. Let us know if you get it to work.

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My apple device having same problem. Then I try to upload ID from android mobile (mobile phone in build browser, Not the chrome) and it works. :slight_smile:

I already did! They will get back to me soon they said

I tried with my friend’s phone (Android) with Chrome and Firefox and still nothing… I tried taking a Live Photo and uploading my ID photo and still nothing…


same problem, any help

It worked with Microsoft Edge in my Android Device.

I also tried chrome in android and safari in ios, had the same issue. Then Edge did it for me.

It seems that Android is working, but what if we don’t own a device like that. Most of the people I know use iphone. I only have like 8 days to get this done. I’m trying me best to find something else. Let me know if you find something

Exactly the same here… I only own an iphone and still waiting on Customer services

I faced exactly same problem. It worked with microsoft edge in android by taking picture from there. Previous pictures didn’t work mine. Everyone shuld try this who face this issue.

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