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ID Verification Process

Hey there. I have recieved the notification to verify my ID in the allotted amount of time.

I am more than willing to comply with this, though the mobile page they offer to take the pictures does nothing. At all.

The camera icon is not clickable, and there is nothing else on the page.

I am kind of at a loss, as I do not know what else can be done. Is this an error, or am I missing something?

I have contacted support, although I thought perhaps I might find a faster response here. Thanks for your time.



Hi, i’m also experiencing this verification issue but the saddening part is that I don’t have any of the required documents asked of me. Do you or anyone know what can be done because I cant get the documents in the allotted time and i’m afraid of my account being blocked. THANKS

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Even if you can’t get the docs ready in time, get them as soon as you can. Your account may be temporarily closed but once you have them you should be able to reopen it. I don’t think there is any way to bypass the ID process.

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Could you try using a different phone, or perhaps using a different browser? E.g if you’re on iPhone using Safari, try doing it via the Chrome browser app, or on Android try downloading a different browser?

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Hey @lady_aj_lee,

I am not sure if this is the exact issue that you’re experiencing (well worth having a look, though, as it might be the same issue), but here’s how a seller solved the issue and got the buttons to work:


hello @lady_aj_lee i already have verified my ID. you just need to submit your documents. as well, use your mobile phone to successfully verified your fiverr account. you just need to go verification center that fiverr provided you. take your ID card front and back side (high quality). and then, take your selfie by looking to your camera (don’t look other side). it will verify your account withing 2 seconds.

hope this reply will help you. :heart_eyes:
best of luck

After hearing from Customer Support, it has been divulged that this does indeed have something to do with the type of cellphone you are using.

I was able to get the camera function working on another phone, although the pictures would not load past the second step. This resulted in nothing being sent. After many hours of trying, I have messaged Customer Service about this seperate issue.

However, if anyone can not get the functions to work on the ID verification page, switching phones did in fact work.

Thanks for all your input!


Thanks for your suggestion, it was the same as CS, and did work to get the camera fuction going.

wait for customer service. I don’t think we can help or give a definitive answer