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ID verification rollout


It seems that ID verification rollout has finally reached me as well :slight_smile:
Thank god I’m working on my last order and then I’m done.



Hmm, what form of ID do the accept?


For me it was

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driving license


Well I have one of those.


I have all 3, but I simply don’t trust Fiverr to handle my data.

Identity theft is an issue. A friend of mine went through a lot of trouble clearing charges from an online casino where someone used his passport copy together with a stolen credit card. In his case it was most likely stolen through an email account, but the origin doesn’t really matter.

I’m not saying others should follow and to some extent I even understand what Fiverr is trying to do, but in my opinion there are far more burning issues that would improve the quality & credibility of this platform.

Do we really need more hoops for sellers?


That is a serious concern.


After verify my Account. If my account disable. Could I create new account under this verification method ??


No idea, but it’s a good question.
Probably has to go through CS.

They aren’t really explaining anything and again, it puts more accountability & risk on sellers.
If you’re a buyer you don’t have to go through it because it’s important to make the sales funnel as short as possible. If buyers would have to submit it then they would move to a different platform.


We are living in a digital world. It is very easy these days to get your id stolen. Everyone wants to do things online, whether it’s a small thing or big. Here in India, the system is sharing the private information with other companies. We have a right to privacy but then the xx work that we are looking to done will not be done. And if we complain, no one cares.
That is the reason I am moving to another country.


In Estonia we use ID cards for pretty much everything.
You can access your bank, medical records, sign documents, open a business, file taxes, pay for public transport - almost everything :slight_smile:

However, the difference is that you would physically have to own the card and know your password. In Estonia we aren’t sending copies of our documents anywhere. Why? Because it’s a security risk. It may lead to identity theft.


Ya I’m thinking about sellers. If Fiverr don’t give us a chance again. We don’t have another way :frowning:


Well, i am a social media entrepreneur, my business life is already available on whole internet. But good thing is no one can stole anything from me because anyone can find my real links easily.
It’s just sometimes, spam emails, messages, couriers, that pisses me off.


Why be afraid of verifying your identity, if you do not have anything to hide…

Paypal does this too to prevent duplicate accounts and identity thief on their platform…


Though Paypal don’t require you to send a copy of your Passport, ID or driver’s license when verifying with them.


It has nothing to do with hiding. However, I am cautious about sharing my personal details which can be used for identity theft. Especially when I’m dealing with companies who are not even 100% GDPR compliant and outside of my country. At least here if a company doesn’t follow security measures I can hold them accountable for it.


Paypal require people to send a copy of their Driver license or passport to verify their identity now


You’re comparing apples to oranges.
On one hand you have a company providing financial services so security is a second nature.
And on the other hand you have Fiverr which is selling $5 services and collecting IDs was just an idea that someone came up with on a whim. You don’t even know who will be storing this info, Fiverr or some 3rd party.


Do not worry…You would be fine…


Pinky promise? :slight_smile:
OK, I’m all good now.


Yes, I promise…