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ID Verification Why? The Point?

So i am new here on fiverr i just created my gigs i just checked fiverr is asking for ID verifications now

i verified my phone, now i will upload my ID wow that’s too much for me

I would not be uploading any ID how can we trust this site ?

I guess this is another facebook analytica story in the making

btw spammer are spammers anyway they would come with another way to dodge the system

i would suggest they try improving the quality of gigs instead of this and improve search algo cause its poor as hell


Lately, there are a lot of chargebacks going on here, so I think every move to improve security and making Fiverr a good and healthy marketplace is welcome.


ID Verification is an effective way to improve the quality of both buyers and sellers.
At least this process can reduce the number of clone accounts to a certain degree.
I must say it’s a good move from fiverr to keep this platform a good marketplace.


Id verification is one of the best decision for fiverr. Because Fiverr Law is here only one person has one account, But someone creates multiple accounts using multiple names. For this reason, they are breaking Fiverr Terms. If every user needs to verify their identity after creating a Fiverr account, then no one able to create multiple accounts. This rule applied in Fiverr sellers and buyer. For this reason, some buyers aren’t able to cheat Fiverr seller. I think you understand my opinion. Also not only Fiverr, all reputed marketplace have an ID verification system.


No they don’t - I’ve been buying and selling on several ‘marketplaces’ over the years - I’ve never had to provide any ID such as a driving licence, passport etc. and I won’t be doing so anywhere anytime soon.


Just so you know, Fiverr will not be verifying the identity of buyers, just sellers. This move will have no affect on fraud. Also, Fiverr is requiring ID verification but not disclosing who it will be sharing data with or how data will be stored. All they say is that they use strong ‘contractual’ security to keep data safe.

In the real world that’s like saying:

Fiverr: “Hi, can I have a copy of your ID?”

Seller: “Err… Why and who are you?”

Fiverr: “Oh, my name is Norman.”

Seller: “And why do you want my ID?”

Fiverr: “I just do.”

Seller: “And what will you do with my ID if I give it to you?”

Fiverr: “Share it with a few people who might be interested in seeing who you are.”

Seller: “Can you tell me who?”

Fiverr: “No. Those people want to remain private.”

Seller: “And may I ask how you will keep ID safe?”

Fiverr: “You may.”

Seller: “And?”

Fiverr: "And what?

Seller: “And how will you keep my ID safe?”

Fiverr: “Oh, that’s easy. I’m going to promise to and then I’m going to promise to make everyone I share your ID with promise to keep it safe too.”

Seller: “And what happens if I don’t give you my ID.”

Fiverr: “Sadly, you will be banished forever.”

Seller: “And what if I’m a citizen of a country like Egypt which makes it illegal for me to share government documents like my Passport with an organization based in another country not approved of by my own?”

Fiverr: “Just don’t go there.”


The only problem is that people creating multiple accounts also seem to have endless brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, and passing bus drivers all helping them out.

I doubt that if Rufus in X wants to use multiple accounts, he will have any trouble lining at least 30 people up for a Fiverr ID parade.


If you are a upwork or freelancer use for lifetime basis you need to verify your identity providing ID card and more. Sometimes it’s skipable for buyer, but seller need to verify it. I think you understand.

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Just awsome man, thank you very much thats help to conversation idea, very helpful.

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:rofl::joy: The dialogues of this conversation, that is really funny, at least, felt funny to me


Oh I see, then it is only a requisite for sellers then. I think I am too used to European laws… sometimes I forgot outside the EU the data privacy laws are not so advanced.


I’m not, and I won’t. :wink:

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I’m Provide. So, I tell.

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Appreciable move by Fiverr but will they accept IDs issued by the government in language other than English?


I have mixed feelings about providing ID if it really happens to everyone. I did want to mention that I work on some other sites such as ones you mentioned and was not asked for ID or other documents. I only had to verify email.


Maybe you are one of the lucky ones :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m on both and I haven’t been asked for any ID nor would I provide any!


It’s not a pleasant thing to say but apparently there are ‘hidden policies’ applied for different areas in the world.
Many sites sometime ask me to take a picture of me holding my ID and cards on first payment. Amazon, hostgator, payoneer…to name a few.
I worked on several sites, upwork included, and fiverr is one of easiest sites to work with imo.

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I’ve dealt with all of those and never had to do that.

That’s called discrimination. :frowning:

Let’s hope whatever happens on Fiverr is clear and transparent for all users.

Added - here’s the page from the help centre -

we’ll be gradually asking our sellers to verify their identity

I suppose that’s clear enough - they’re going to be asking everybody, and they’ll need to start somewhere. :sunny:


I am not a fan of ID verification either but I wonder if you were asked this for any or a combination of the following:

  • Stock image as profile picture
  • Previously had an account banned
  • Sharing IP address with other users
  • Location/IP changing

In the case of a few of these, I can understand why it would be asked and particularly if someone is banned, I would love to see restrictions on reopening an account.


It exists not even only among countries but within countries/cities. You might find yourself having trouble getting a phone contract if you live in certain streets of your own city, while all would be fine and dandy if you lived around the corner, for example. I believe they call it “risk management” though and not discrimination…