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ID Verification Worries

Hello guys,
I’m Dave. I was just wondering about the Fiverr ID verification. I still don’t get how it works. I haven’t been asked to verify and i have been on Fiverr for about a year now.

My question is: What are the chances that I’ll ever be asked to verify and is it pretty straightforward?

My national ID card is not yet ready and i can’t get an international passport until next month.

I really don’t want to sound jittery, but this ID verification has been nagging at me ever since i heard of it.

Thanks for your replies in anticipation.

P.S: I don’t have multiple accounts, i don’t change my profile picture and I verified using my actual phone number.

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Sooner or later, ALL users will have to go through the ID verification process (it has nothing to do with having multiple accounts or violating the ToS in any way). So far, it has been an extremely slow roll out of this process. So, it can be a while before you’re asked to verify your ID on Fiverr.

You can have a look at my detailed post about my experience with the ID verification process that I completed about 20 days ago:


Does this policy also apply to buyers?

Taken from Fiverr’s verifying your identity page:

We gradually ask users for their ID to help us confirm you are really you. Please note that using misleading and fake profile information is strictly forbidden on Fiverr.

So, in my opinion, “users” also includes buyers. But, as of right now, I think they’re focusing on first verifying the ID of people who are offering services on Fiverr.

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