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Id verified & restricted

Fiverr told me to verify my account with my national id card. i did exactly 100% what fiverr needs to verify my account. but somehow my account wasn’t verified & they restricted my account. in support, I contact with them & they told me they will review my account properly. and now finally, I got my account back.but my gig were denied & i had to edited my gigs.


I think you also got verified. But I don’t know why you have edited your gigs. Your account was restricted and that’s why all gigs were denied. Your gigs should be restored when you got your account restored from the support team.


my gigs didnt restored.they were denied after verifying my its ok

How much time they take to reactivate your account?

Hi there @content_maker, better to leave old threads as is, no point to leave a comment. Good luck!

Warmly, Humberto

Well do you have any idea about it?

Yes, this thread is from march 6, that’s 5 months old (see date above right corner)

I am talking about time
How much time fiver takes to reactivate account

There is no fixed time. It all depends on your interaction with CS and how long it takes them to manually verify your ID if the automatic verification process fails (if at all they even do manual verification). The time it takes will vary from one person to another and from one case to another. There is no singular answer to your question.

You will have to talk to CS about it.


Is there any chance of manual verification?

Please upload high-quality image and selfi type pictures. Then you back your account


I did the same and send them the best quality
But still my account is not activated


Try sometimes you get a good results fiverr is good platform


Still not able to excess my account
Any idea ?

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sorry for being late,it takes total 6 days to recover.thanks

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Good question @content_maker I am currently in this situation. @squad_leader was that 6 business days?

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yes, it was. did you recovered your account?

did you recovered your account?

@squad_leader Hello please i want to ask some little question,My account bring that i shouldverify my id and unable to verify it and my account get restricted and i contact fiveerr so they bring the verification again and now am asking that if i verify it would my denied gig be active again???
Please answer me sir