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Idea: Give Sellers an Option to Accept or Decline a Gig


I just had this thought because someone ordered a gig from me where they submitted their material for me to start, yet it was still unclear what they wanted me to do. I asked them to clarify twice. Five days went by. No answer. Yet when I submitted a mutual cancellation request, they responded within an hour! (I have no way to confirm this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are spam accounts out there set up to order gigs from you, only to screw you over because you either get a higher cancellation ratio or you get a bad review.)

At any rate, I am pretty sure all my gigs tell the buyer to talk to me before ordering so I’m sure I know what they want BEFORE the clock starts ticking. However, we all know there are buyers out there who just don’t read and go straight to ordering.

Well, how about this? If you wake up tomorrow morning and find a gig has been ordered, but it isn’t really what you offer or the buyer is unclear, you have a nice little “accept/decline” button to get out of there without hurting your cancellation ratio OR getting a negative review.


This has to be a joke, right?

Less than an hour after I posted this thread, someone ordered a gig WITHOUT consulting me first. What they want is indeed what I offer, but so far they haven’t been very good at clarifying what they want. Hopefully they will improve the communication.


I would love this option. I keep getting people who want me to write shady reviews for them, even though it clearly states in my gig that I do not write reviews for products and services I have no experience with.


Reply to @pennyrichens: I wold love it because I keep getting people who don’t read the gig where it says “CONTACT ME FIRST.” Then they do one of two things: (1) Submit material that makes it unclear what they want me to do, and then don’t reply when I ask for clarification, or (2) expect me to do WAY too much for $5, but object to paying me more.