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IDEA! Less then 24 hours delivery time?


This idea would be awesome for sellers in need of quick turnaround!

Personally, when looking through offers, if it is something I need done fast, I click the ‘24 hours’ filter on the side.

Today I had a thought, specifically for sellers who are online and are willing to do right away!

Another filter type, of online sellers who can deliver in hours, for whatever price it may be.

Thoughts ? :slight_smile:


Yes it is a very good idea. You can use your extra gigs for that service. Like , "i will deliver within 12 hours "

But the time counter will not change. So you need to have a mutual understanding with the buyer.


To be honest, I do not think it would work for most sellers, due to time differences.

For example in the case of a 12 hours delivery:

I sleep let’s say for 8 hours, then I wake up and there are 4 hours left for me to deliver an order, which maybe takes even longer than that to be done. Not to mention if you have other orders to be delivered the same day.

I think 24 hours is the shortest amount of time Fiverr should keep. Of course you can message a seller and agree if he is available to deliver an order sooner, but only upon mutual agreement should this be allowed.


I just offer 6/12/whatever hours for $200.

There have been some takers… and I usually deliver in much less. Hey, for $200, why not? I wouldn’t have this as an option though. I want to know that I can do the job first and within the time frame, so it’s always introduced as an option by me.

As a bonus, it also makes the $100 24hr extra fast look very reasonable.


Right on! I offer a 4 hour gig extra called “Super Express Pass - MESSAGE ME FIRST”.

Obviously I can’t deliver in 4 hours if I’m sleeping. So I make sure they message me. One guy didn’t message me first (out of 50 or so who have used that option), but I just did it as soon as I woke up, and he didn’t complain.

(I immediately messaged him saying he should have messaged me first, it’s morning in my time zone, and I’m dropping everything to get it back to him ASAP.) Worked great, and he’s ordered from me since that time too.

Anybody can offer something similar, just like @emmaki. In your category it may be less than a day, or a week could be expedited service.

The right thing is to be sure you charge enough for it to make it worth your while.

I don’t see it as a standard option, but certainly something you can add if it works for you.


Like @emmaki, I just offered extras - I’ll do your gig in 6 hours or 12 hours. I don’t have them turned on at the moment because it was too risky when I’m not available 24/7,


I have made a 3 hour delivery gig that I turn on and off when I am able to offer delivery in that timeframe. That way no-one can order when I am sleeping or unable to deliver in 3 hours, as it won’t show up, but when I can do it, the option is available. I was too lazy to add that option in my extras and have to turn it on and off on every gig, this way it is a quick pause/unpause as needed.


With custom orders, it’s entirely possible. I know that you can search for buyers that are online at the moment, so you could tell buyers in your gig description to message you about 5-hour delivery if you’re online.

Personally, I’m happy with 24/hours, and the last thing I want is more messages. I get enough of those, included the annoying, “I just placed an order.”

Really? I had no idea you just placed an order. One notification from Fiverr isn’t enough, I need two or three. (sarcasm)