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Idea - Recorded gameplay teaching how to build up all the Fallout 4 Settlements?


I have an idea to record building up all the settlements in Fallout 4 (37) to high efficiency & happiness. Would anyone be interested in that?

I also already have a gig for recorded classes teaching Weebly use:


I doubt people would pay for this. Firstly, it could easily be found on youtube, blogs, and other internet entities for free. Secondly, it seems much of the Fiverr revenue is for businesses or people looking for something specific which they cannot do themselves, like art.


People pay for lots of simple game play that can be found on youtube here all the time… At least from what I’ve seen.


Its great Ideas but i want to know, are you able to share any guide or articles? I have Blog for Fallout 4 settlements guide and i want to increase my content for that i need the best person who can write for me killer guide! If anyone interested then pm me at