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Idea Theft- Logo Design

I am a new seller on Fiverr in the Logo Design Catagory. I have completed Two orders and got a 5-star review. But one day my third client knocked me and told me to make a logo for his brand. He provided a long PDF. He asked me some samples before making an order. I drew 3 samples. I show him those. He asked me again to illustrate the drawing in Adobe Illustrator. As a new seller, I took it normally. I illustrated the samples. With the samples, I made A Presentation PDF and sent it to him. From then he didn’t reply.

Then I visited his profile. I was astonished. He is not a buyer. He is a seller. And he is in the same catagory- Logo Design. He is a 2nd Level Seller. But he is a thief.

I want to tell the buyers that You should judge each seller perfectly before pressing an order. So Many thiefs are here. They can not do work properly and they don’t respect other’s work. They even don’t respect their own works. Be careful from these Frauds.

Thank You.

Regards- joyanto23


Well you cant judge someone like this, seller can also buy services from other sellers, maybe he wanted to hire you for any of his project, and mostly customers do not reply when they dont find your samples on their expectations. In another case if you are sure that he sold your design to someone then you can surly mention him like this.
and as you are new you must read fiverr policies about reporting someone.


Actually, you shouldn’t be doing free mock ups and work for anyone, regardless of your status here - new or old. There are people who will target new sellers knowing most are naive enough to do “samples” which are really the work they should be ordering.

Charge a small fee for a “sample” or tell them to look at your portfolio to show you have the ability to create artwork.



thank you very much @ahsan_n

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Thanks for Your suggestion @genuineguidance

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What i suggest is that you should never do free samples.
I am also a new seller but my category is video editing which is also similar to the creative field, so whenever someone contacts me and ask for samples i generally show them my portfolio, which i have already created. It do consist of a lot of different categories of videos that i have previously edited for different people, so that is what i generally show them…

Now there are a few people who would ask you to make samples using their given data or materials or anything that they like in that case off-course if you do ask for money that will not help you coz you are new seller and suppose the buyer doesn’t likes your work then they can also give a negative review, so what i do instead of asking for money i do their sample work but i put a big watermark of my logo in between their work…
So as i told my category is video editing so if anyone requires sample then i do their work but i put a big watermark in between the video not on the sides cox that can be cropped and i show them the work if they like it then i tell them to place the order then i will deliver that work…

So this is the way you too should proceed dealing with such clients and incase suppose they dont like your work then also no problem you can put that work on your portfolio website as you have done that and make your portfolio more strong…



How is this normal?

I can understand when new sellers get fooled into thinking that free samples are a normal practice. But you handed over your vectors as well. That’s just… To be polite, I’ll say that it was incredibly naive.

If you give away your vectors before the payment, that’s on you.


That is really helpful. Not only for me but also all the new sellers. Thank You very Much @technocrysy

I just to wish to add that some sellers even don´t have proper licensed software, sell their works here and do not respect developers´ work.

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That’s right. @blavaro

A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works.

If you bypass this you will have worked for free.

Check this out: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


thank you very much @lloydsolutions

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There are some more frauds here. Someone may say I have a lot of work to do, first I will do some work but I will order you together.
Be careful not to let anyone do his design. Just give a sample.

Create eye catchy gig image end Always stay active in the account, of course the order will come.