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Idea to get your GIG on the Home page of Fiverr


Hello Fiverr Family

I have an idea - What if Fiverr had a paid promotions slot for our GIGs on their home page?

Kind of like the Featured GIG section and the Recommened GIG section but this could be called promoted GIG section.

Maybe there could be a Five dollar charge for a certain amount of impressions in this section that will appear on the home page- Labelled Promoted GIGs?

What do you guys think?

Leave your feedback now if you think it’s a good idea or not - Thank you

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This will be very bad idea for new seller. If Everyone Paid , Then What will happen? Do you ever think. In this way only few people only benefited not all .

So I dont think this is a good idea.


Well I would love to be able to pay $5 and have my gigs appear on the front page, as would every single seller here… except of course the people that are already on the front page and have worked their asses off to get there!

Now one of my gigs is on the second page for one of my keywords and when I finally get to page one for that keyword I will be coining it. I would be very upset if I manage to get that gig ranked on page 1 of Fiverr for a big time keyword and then I get knocked off because other people have just trotted onto Fiverr and paid a few bucks to be shown above me.

In addition to that I can just imagine how every seller here is going to be chomping at the bit and frothing at the mouth to get those paid spots. How many sellers are here and how many paid featured spots will there be? Chaos, absolute mayhem.

I think the idea of it on the surface of it is great, until you start looking at it a little deeper. I honestly don’t think this will be the best thing to do for this marketplace.


I agree…not only for new seller…it is a bad idea for all the sellers…


OK I see where you guys are coming from.

What if we keep the featured gigs section keep the recommended gig section and keep the gigs that are already on the front page, but add a promotions section?


We are struggling to sell in here. If All members will agree with you , Only TRS will get benefited and only Who are buying this Feature.

But For me 5$ is Lots of money to spend. If Fiverr do this to us, We are going to be in trouble. After that We will not be able to get sells anymore.

My personal opinion , I will not get benefited. I dont know About Others. I think They are also Agree with me.

But Lets see and wait


Fiverr is already testing this feature, right?


Oh thanks for sharing that @taverr that looks interesting… I hope it works well :slight_smile:


I hate it… :confused:


You hate it @taverr?


(I withdraw my opinion! Deleting this post.)


Oh no that honestly sounds awful :frowning: I am new here and I am starting to rise up the ranks which is really exciting and I have done it through hard work,

I totally understand that new sellers want to make sales but it should be done the right way.


Been in this situation before and there was something i could do. What i did was ditch the platform and started selling on fiverr instead. Now i already have another place to continue my work in case fiverr decides to take this route after the testing.
Just work on your plans B, C and D


A very nice and brilliant idea, can I discuss with you privately?


Ho do I enable fiverr promoted gig features on my account?


Bad idea. Then I’ll be seeing a bunch of foreign people with 2-star gigs posting a bunch of spam that wouldn’t appeal to potential buyers.


@shifat27 Fiverr is already testing this feature with a few selective sellers. If you do have that feature enable just go to Selling > My Gigs > promote gig.
Hope this helps and let me know if you need any more assistance.

Pastor Dre


@pastordre I dont see any option like that on my account. How do I enable that?



@shifat27 ok if you don’t see the option then Fiverr hasn’t enabled it on your gigs as it is only with a select group of sellers at this time…