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Ideal Online Time

sorry for create this topic…


Why so many people always asking about fiber? :rofl:
Fiber is really useful for health, and fiber became SO popular, that people already have FIBER accounts))
Try to create Broccoli and beans accounts - it’s full of fiber, and can always be online :crazy_face:

And seriously - even if you can’t write the name of the platform without mistakes, what can we talk about?))


2 hours and 53 minutes depending on traffic conditions.


23 hours and 59 minutes

thats 1 minute is for sleep

if you don’t need to sleep



Watch this :slight_smile:

(I can’t imagine people trying to stay awake and stay at their desktop/laptop as much as possible because they believed these lies…)




Also, you duplicated the same gig few times - it’s not allowed, remove it before Fiverr did it


Fiverr - not fiber.

So you intend to stay online 24 hours a day? Interesting.

Either you are super-human and never need to sleep. Or you intend to be deceptive and use a page refresher - in which case you will be breaching Fiverr guidelines and you will receive an account warning.

And fiber is essential for a balanced and nutritional diet.


I don’t understand why people think there is a best time to stay online, stay online simply when you’re behind your pc.


I think @marinapomorac recently posted about Fiverr allowing auto refreshers! I’m still definitely not going to use one lol.


At the most, I’d say once per hour during regular business hours.
I’ve seen people recommending that others sleep with their phones with notification on super loud so it would wake them up at 2AM to get a Fiverr notification. Protect your health, people! That’s not necessary.


…as soon as someone messages you.


24 hours isn’t enough, if you aren’t on here 25 hours a day you’re honestly not going to get any sales, I don’t care if you’re tired and you want to sleep, you’re on Fiverr! No rest! Twenty-five hoooouurs!


Sorry, but 25 is not enough. Buyers will make an order only if a seller is online at least 48 hours - if someone can stay awake for 2 days just to be online on Fiverr, this person is a super-human. Exactly what buyers need :rofl:


You have to be online 40 hours a day.
Edit: It’s a meme sorry bye.


I hate to say it but you are all kind of wrong.

One day is not 24 hours. maybe on first day of spring and autumn, yes, but in most cases it is not 24 hours.

One day is the time necessary for Earth to make one full rotation around its axes. One month is average time it takes Moon to make one full rotation around Earth and one year is time it takes Earth to make one full rotation around the Sun.

Now One full rotation is 360° so on average that means Earth takes 1 hour to rotate by 15°. Also that means if you are east or west from someone by 15° your time is different by 1 hour.

Plus if you are east, west minus.

So ideal online time depends when do you prefer to sleep and have rest? Day time or nighttime?

Daytime is officially time from moment of civil sunrise to civil sunset. You have civil, astronomical and nautical sunset and sunrise.

The exact time of sunset and sunrise for each latitude can be read in nautical almanac that prints out ephemerides (values of celestial objects for next year, like timing of sight and distance from celestial equator and Greenwich prime meridian).

Any time people get the opportunity to learn is a good time.

If you want to know more about Celestial navigation and how you can calculate your longitude by just knowing your time and Greenwich time, let me know!

If you type Fiverr and have autocorrect on it will change it to fiber.


I have a lot of respect for the views of @marinapomorac - but there is no need for page refreshers. A seller is either available for work or they’re not. It is that simple. Pretending to be online when you are not is fraudulent as it gives a false impression to a potential buyer.

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Thank you :smiley:
What happened was someone posted on Fiverr Twitter can he used auto refreshed and I responded no, he will get a warning and he responded with an official CS reply he can use auto refresher. To that note, I responded to him with a screenshot of the forum post of CS warning for using auto refresher after CS replied to him it is OK to use an auto refresher.

To me this is more like it is not allowed but 50% of CS agent is not aware of that so…

I do not get it but for them, it seems the green dot is very important in making orders and sales…
Maybe if I was pushing for a lot of tiny orders that would be my way of operating… plus new YT videos are just… no matter what freelance site you pick if you type that name in YT you will get identical results from same region, how to- no skills.

As bad as it sounds I did find an interesting concept of GIG service where you can make 300$ out of 100$ investment daily but for that, I would need a second profile since it is completely unrelated to my current services,… and that is not as per TOS so bummer. I am intrigued in testing to offer that service for a month.


Honestly, on Fiverr the majority of my clients have been from North America, so that might explain the following: They usually make inquiries which line up for me with everything from 5pm till 11pm and that works really well for me.

But that’s just the thing… Different gigs and sellers attract different people.
I think the best thing you can do is to write down where people inquiring into your gigs are from, the time you were contacted, and everything else that is quantifiable in a spreadsheet.

As time progresses, you get a better understanding of where most of your potential customer base is from and when they contact you, what they’re most interested in using your gig for and anything else you noted.

Knowing that, you can optimize your gigs for your target audience by optimizing your FAQ, requirements, terminology, and most importantly. You can pretty much reduce the amount of time you’re keeping an eye on your phone.

I turn my phone off during my breaks, dinner and during the night tough. If the time of day doesn’t line up well with your own lifestyle patterns, then it’s better to adjust your gig’s target audience.