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Ideal to send holiday wishes to your customers?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about reaching out to my customers especially constant buyers to wish them well in this festive period.

Is it against Fiverr TOS? I really want to know.



I would not advise sending holiday wishes like “Christmas cards” to your previous customers as this could be seen as spam. I could understand if you have a great relationship and during an active order happen to mention it but your premeditated idea is probably not the best idea as spamming is against TOS.

Thank you


Oh! Really? Thanks a lot for the advice. I thought sending wishes could indicate a sense of care and relationship just like the traditional way of reaching out to customers through emails and letters. I’ll yield your advice. Thanks

Just my two cents, i feel it would fall into spam, although the gesture is nice. Try to keep communications related to the order. If you happened to complete an order close to the holidays, saying “thank you for working with me and have a great festive holiday” is not going to get you in trouble but sending 40 unsolicited festive messages could get you on the naughty list :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks again! I appreciate your advice.

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Your important advice protected my gig from TOS. By seeing your advice I avoid this. Enough Grateful to you.

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@goldlive Thanks a lot for your post. For this post I knew about it. It is very effective useful subject.

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I think @andrewcarpen756 is right.
Your messages could be seen as spam.
Better safe than sorry!

One more thing, not all of your buyers celebrate Christmas. Some may be Jewish, Hindu, Budhist or Muslim. Just keep things professional.


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is listed under Violations in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


You’re absolutely right. Thank you for this.


Will avoid that st all cost. Thank you.

I agree. The only possible exception I can think of is if you have a regular repeat buyer who has initiated casual conversation with you in the past. Then maybe, but it’s iffy. Some buyers may interpret it as grooming them for future business and not appreciate feeling manipulated.


I’ve HAD sent holiday wishes to some buyers before, but it was very rare.
Maybe in the past 10 years, just 2…or 3 at the most?

Last year this sweet young man ordered several illustration gigs from me for his brother
and his fiance as a wedding gift, several months later he got back to me telling me they got married along with some lovely photos of the wedding, so that same December I sent them some holiday wishes. I’m sure you can make some exceptions. :smile:


Of course it depends on the relationship one has with those buyers. For example; I have buyers who have stuck with me for awhile now. I believe a lot of them would appreciate such gesture and not feel manipulated. However, it’d be better to reserve such till the next time of business.