Ideas for gig extras? I'd love your opinion! :)


Please check out my gig:

It’s a review writing gig. I offer to write one review for $5. My extras are: 24 hour delivery for $5, I will post the same review to 1 or 2 additional websites for $5, and I will extend the length of the review to 200 words for $5.

I am having great success with this gig and my existing extras, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas for more extras–possibly ones that will bring in $10, $20, $40 dollars. I’m going to be Level 2 soon, so I want to use that $40 extra!

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Cassy :slight_smile:


Heya, seems like your gig is doing pretty well! However, i don’t really want to discuss the extras, I want to discuss your negative reviews. Have you contacted Customer Support about those two left by the same user? They seem pretty rude and misleading from the buyer, so if you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend it, because even though I don’t think it will bring you down, it still may hurt just a bit.


For extra fast delivery, I would up the price. I have extra fast delivery on my writing gig and those that need it quick, usually spend the $20 I have set. For those that need it quick for you, I would set it for $10 rather than $5.

I also use “bulk discounts”. What you can offer is perhaps 1 free for ordering a $20 extra delivering 5 individual ones. This has led to some pretty big orders for me in the past. Most people say it’s a bad idea to offer a discount, but if you aren’t spending a whole lot of time on it it’s not too bad of an idea. You should up the price on your extra to increase the word count to 200 to a $10 extra especially since that is a very valuable boost in word count for the type of clients you work with on that gig.

Offer more additional pages and set the extra to $20 as this is something they would also still pay for either way I would think.

You could always mix and match which is what I do with some gigs. For example in your writing gig, you can charge perhaps an additional $10 to do a video testimonial to accompany the writing one. I would figure if they’re going to buy a writing one, chances are they would want to buy the video one too and since most people I don’t see going from one gig to another, to make it easy for them to order both types of gigs in one page would be convenient, and allows you to offer a slightly higher price-tag.


Reply to @kaismith: I did. They won’t do anything about it… But thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: Thanks for your input! What exactly do you mean by:

freelancemm said: Offer more additional pages and set the extra to $20 as this is something they would also still pay for either way I would think.



Thanks for your question, I need the same opinion



One of your gig extras says that you will post a review to additional pages or something along those lines, I recommend increasing the number and maybe not to $20 but to at least $10 as I see people buying it at that price either way.

Also. Sometimes it’s good to try again with CS a little later on and come in on a different approach. Chances are you won’t get the same person you got before so you get a fresh look at your case. I am going to attempt to do so with my only bad feedback left on any of my gigs as the reason i was left is because the buyer claimed I made a typo. I am going to get CS to look over the article and get them to help me find the supposed typo that I had made. I was a bit hostile to the buyer at the time though so I am not sure I will have much luck on that feedback. I miss my perfect 100% on all my gigs though so I am sure going to try!