Ideas for Gig Extras?


Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Fiverr but I just reached level 1! All but one of my sales have been for this gig so I am trying to think of ideas for Gig Extras. I always overdeliver (delivering multiple tracks, often in less time than promised), so I don’t know if I should make an Extra offering a guaranteed 3 tracks or a faster delivery option. If anyone has any ideas for extras to add, I would really appreciate it!


Wow… You offer to do a 5 minute song for only $5!!! That’s way too much! Offer 1 minute for $5, and if the buyer wants the song to be longer, it’s a $5 extra for each additional message. I’m sure NO ONE would have a problem with that!!

You should also do a faster delivery for extra charge-- regardless of how early you sometimes deliver. You could also have an extra that offers to turn the audio into an actual video of you playing. That could give you a lot opportunities for extras!!! $5 just to upgrade to a video, another $5 to record the video in HD, another $10 to let the buyer pick your hair, makeup, and clothes, another $5 for you to say a short message before you play, another $5 to put a message, URL, website name, etc. at the bottom of the video…

The possibilities really are endless! Hope this helps!


Thank you, I will try some of those ideas! (And if anyone else has more ideas, feel free to post those too!)


I’ve got some old light classical sheet music for violin and piano that I would like recorded. Already had it done by another Fiverr selelr with electric instruments, but may also like to have you try recording a real violin part on top of the piano part, after I delete or mute the midi violin part – if you can do multi-tracking like that.

Seems like that would deserve more than 1 gig payment, as it would probably take several passes.

Will contact you directly through one of your gig listings to see if this is do-able.

Sheet music is legal - from 1905 - and has been reedited in Finale and as a music XML file for readabilty. Can send pdf of sheet music as well as aud file as WAV or mp3.


Hi artemist, thank you for your interest! Please contact me through my gig called “play violin music” if you are still interested–I would love to work with you.