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Ideas for improvement

I have created a new gig about editing videos, but I dont think my gig it’s at its finest right now.
May I have some suggestions that will attract more people and make it more likeable?

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    Marin M
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You asked for help five minutes ago. Please be patient.

You posted that four minutes earlier. Be patient.

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sorry, but it is my first time being on firverr’s forums :slight_smile:

I took a quick look at your gig. To be honest, I don’t see any proof that you are able to do what you claim? Where are the samples of images you have edited? Where are the video samples that show your editing skills? The two images I see on your gig consist of random color and shapes, and don’t appear to have anything to do with the long list of editing skills you claim to offer.

If you want people to trust your claims, it might be wise to show actual samples of your work that matches what you claim to be able to provide.


I thought that must’ve been one of the reasons I won’t get as many clients in the future ( its a new gig for now), I will try to improve on the photos and add a video demonstrating my skills

The main gig image doesn’t realy show what the gig is about. It’s also not the optimum aspect ratio for Fiverr (which is around 1.6197:1 I think) as it crops some of the image when shown on the profile page.

Some of the text is a bit big.

The text “…here what is some of the services I can do” could be reworded eg. “…here are some of the services I provide:”.

The gig could show images demonstrating some of the types of editing you provide.

edit: jonbaas already said some of the things I said above.

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You’ve stated in your bio that you’ve worked on 1250 images before. If these gig-thumbnails are the best you could come up with, you should consider building a proper portfolio first before trying to sell your skills. It gives the impression, that you’ve never actually worked on anything. Anyways, good luck with your gig!