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Ideas from level 2 and top rated sellers please

After I got two orders cancelled and client reporting me as fake, I got 1 negative review and couldn’t send an offer for almost a month. I kept sharing my works on Facebook, Twitter etc and kept doing very cheap jobs just to get my score back. Score got back up to 4.5. I can send buyer request. Got promoted to level one on January. Customer support was now my best friend as I chat with them often. But now, as a level one my gig ranking was about 344 and 23 clicks as of last 7 days, but no single order. What is happening. I have 11 positive reviews, handled single job of over 500$ and yet got 5 stars from this sellers. My order completion is now at 88% with fiver warning me I will get domoted by 15th Feb, but I’m not scare because the order that will demote me will be 61 days by Feb 8th and should reset to 100% right?

What else am I doing wrong, since I got the wrong rating and order completion cancellation everything has been going down. Is there any other way to improve myself? Is it through tags? I have edited my intro videos over and over. Experienced sellers only

I am sad.

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Anyone wants to talk?