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Identify & expose the reason why a buyer hasn't submitted instructions

We all have incomplete orders where the buyers never submitted instructions, some/many remaining incomplete for years without resolution. And we also know that incomplete orders can prevent a seller from using Available Now (which, by the way, is illogical until the order is started).

So I was thinking: what if Fiverr would ask a buyer why they haven’t submitted the instructions right on the order page before they close/forget about it, and then notify the seller of the reason so that they can act on it?

Scenario #1: Buyer tries to close the order page or switch to another page without having submitted the instructions. Fiverr would prevent them from closing/switching the page and show a simple form asking why they’re having problems submitting the form.

Buyer could choose an option like “I’m having a hard time deciding on one of the instructions”, then the page gets closed and the seller is notified of the reason – this is where the seller can contact the buyer and assist them further. Or if the option would be “I’m having second thoughts”, the seller would get notified and given the chance of persuading the buyer into submitting the info. There could also be the obvious option “I will submit the info later when I get a chance”.

Scenario #2: Buyer is taking too long to submit the instructions without having typed anything for a couple of minutes. Fiverr could notify the buyer “I see you’re having difficulties in deciding on the info requested by the seller. You can contact the seller here if you need assistance.” with a link to contact the seller for more info.

Both scenarios could result in a lot less incomplete orders if sellers would know the reasons, since they could then act accordingly by either assisting the buyer further, persuading them, upselling, and so on.

– “Knowing is better than not knowing”


Thes suggestions could prove helpful to both buyers and sellers. Hope Fiverr team is taking notes.

What happens if an order remains incomplete for yours? Will Fiverr eventualy cancel it? What’s the end result?

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I’ve had orders remained incomplete for 4 or 5 years. Fiverr didn’t cancel them since I guess they hope buyers could come back even after this much time (and to be honest, some did come back but resulted in me cancelling since the old offering wasn’t available anymore) - for now, the only way to get rid of them is by asking CS to cancel those for you, though at the cost of decreasing order completion and increasing cancellation rate :roll_eyes:

There were already suggestions on letting Fiverr auto-cancel incomplete orders after a specified amount of time, without having any repercussions on the seller, but who knows what they’ll do about them. I think my suggestion is better than letting Fiverr auto-cancel them as in my case it could still activate some of them.


That’s quite a long time. I wonder if a client may even remember they left some of their money on Fiverr some years ago!

With the current monthly evaluation process, I’d rather leave it to Fiverr to auto-cancel the incomplete orders I have. Can’t afford to drop in stats that easily.

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I also think it’s a good idea to have buyers submit the requirement before paying. That way we can think about what we’re ordering and perhaps gather information beforehand.

It should lead to less order cancellation because the buyer order by mistake or didn’t understand requirement.


Brilliant - this is even better and should be its own suggestion. Your idea would mean the end of incomplete orders as we know them, since they would still be incomplete but there would be no money involved, hence no impact on sellers. :clap:

Though I suspect a lot of meksellers would try to place an order just to see what requirements their competitors have. Darn! :man_facepalming:


This is such a strange scenario. In this case, the buyer allready has payed for the gig right? I can understand that in some cases the buyer is a bit rushed and forgets to fulfill the requirements, but wouldn’t he/she after one week or so start to think ‘hey, what happened with my order on Fiverr’?

What about reaching out yourself to the buyer? Or is that not possible?
I mean, if it takes more than a week for a buyer to submit the requirements, I would send a message if they can please finalize their order.

Anyway, can imagine it is very annoying, especially now that all these things are being counted against you if you want to cancel it. So many details in the system ask for improvement.

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They often don’t reply, which is why these non-orders can be left hanging for such a long time.


yes that’s what I got from these posts. It just sounds so weird to me.
Like going shopping for food, dropping all your products at the cashier and pay, and then quickly leave without taking the groceries with you.

…and come to think that some of these buyers are high spenders who drop $100 and never return for it for a year or more. Maybe it’s pocket money for them, in which case it’d be easy to forget, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

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