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Identifying Scams: Unusual Requests

I’m new here. Finally completed my profile and created my first gig over the weekend; I felt a sense of accomplishment.

It took a few days, but I got my first message. I was greeted with a bright “hello” and a request to click a link to a google drive for more information about a project. Hesitant to click any link, I asked for more information through Fiverr’s system. They were no longer available as the system noted they were removed for violations. I felt a little reassured knowing Fiverr was on it.

Then the next day I received another similar request from someone else. In less than 24 hours they too were removed.

Not even 24 hours later, I received yet another request for my voice over talents to be used for a web based talk show. It seemed plausible, so I inquired further. At first it sounded good and I asked them to send me more information. However, they seemed to indicate they were unable to do so through the system, instead asking for my email address. I suppose that was the first red flag. I provided them an email address, and then the correspondence began. I discovered the time stamp indicated 6 hours ahead of my timezone, and that the very favorable terms included them coordinating a recording session where all I do is just show up. I would be paid $400 up front, by check through mail, and the recording engineer would hand me the balance after completing the session. As the correspondence continued, they seemed to suggest they were going to send the check (to the fake address I gave them) and that after the check was deposited and allowed 24 hours to clear, I was to withdraw my portion, and then the balance I would send to the Sound Engineer - oh, by the way, I wasn’t allowed to see a script until the day before the recording session, which wouldn’t happen until after I had cashed the check and sent the balance to the yet to be disclosed sound guy.

I’ve submitted a report to the FTC, because what they wanted me to do is pretty much how money laundering works. My question is, what do I need to do in terms of notifying Fiverr?

I mean, as much fun as it is to troll scammers, I am not clever enough to figure out how to monetize this service. I think I need to go into making apps where millions of subscribers give me a small cut of their earnings for advertising on my platform. Now there’s a billion dollar idea!


Not feeling very hopeful about this Gig-business


You broke Fiverr TOS, which you should have read when you signed up. Now, you are in danger of losing your account for this action.:flushed:

As a new seller, you will be approached by many devilish :smiling_imp: scam artists for a time, as they find that new sellers are the gullible ones who fall for this sort of scam.

You should have reported and blocked them. :neutral_face:

If you get to keep your account it doe s get better. :wink:


Make sure to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as a violation can risk your account.


A scammer contacted me today, and I reported to Fiverr (with relevant screenshots) only to get this message:

Thank you for reporting this.I’m forwarding this buyer’s behavior for further review by our relevant department. Per our Privacy Policy, please understand that I’m unable to share further details regarding this case.”

And of course, the buyer is still available, probably looking for another prey. Not in another decade would I understand why the system keeps protecting buyers. I’m guessing the opposite would be the case if it were a seller.



That’s their standard message. They have to write it.

When did you report that buyer? It might take Trust & Safety time to investigate the case, and it’s definitely not the only case they’re investigating.


Terms and conditions must be followed


Thank you for your response, Vickie.

I appreciate your guidance, especially from someone with experience on the platform.

I let my naïveté overtake my commons sense in believing this person was acting in good faith. Also, reacting to answer as quickly as I could in order to establish a good reply rate, now seems misguided. Maybe I should have instead “eaten” the response rate in favor of reviewing the TOS before responding to my first customer question. Oh well; all in hindsight.

As far as being kicked off for TOS violations, that is certainly within the right of Fiverr to do so. From a first timer’s point of view, it would seem par for the course. In case that is my ultimate demise, it has been a pleasure.

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Several hours ago.

Oh yes, but it takes the same ‘busy’ Trust & Safety team a couple of minutes to investigate a seller, ban them, and seal off the conversation because yeah, TOS infringement.

I hope they conclude the investigation before a decent seller takes the fall for it.


You have 24 hours to reply. My rate is one hour and I have my Fiverr app open about 14 hours and that is it and I do not reply instantaneously. Many of my messages and orders come in when I am sleeping.


I hope you only get a strike or warning; don’t condemn yourself just yet hahaa.


Really good point.

Have you ever wanted to do something but kept putting it off? I mean like a career move or just deciding to finally take the plunge with action instead of just thinking about doing something?

That’s what I did. I just jumped in, set up my profile and gig, and skimmed some things and read more thoroughly in other places. But I did it all in two hours, what I was unable to get around to for four months.

Do I deserve to be on Fiverr? I don’t know. I will accept my fate either way, and wont complain (beyond these responses). But maybe if I can be anything, for what time I have left on this platform, is an example of what not to do. Maybe others will take note, and hesitate before clicking “Agree.” Be careful to read the instructions and even more careful to review them regularly.

The existential question is a much larger one, and perhaps not suitable for this forum, but nevertheless remains. Should I even be here? Should I bother investing time in this? I honestly don’t know. But the course of this conversation draws more crisp and focused attention on re-evaluating my commitment to this Fiverr experiment.

And that, for me, is valuable. In all sincerity I have this forum to thank.


Much appreciated!

I won’t put up a fight, but will wait to see what the good Fiverr folks decide.

Who knows - I might still be around longer than the scammer who is partly responsible for my predicament!


Always. That’s why they are there. I definitely don’t dispute that.

If you are caught, you could always ask for forgivness and they may overlook it and give you only a warning. :thinking:


You have nothing to lose. Good luck with your gig. I like your voice.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much!

I’m finding this forum to be really helpful and encouraging.

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Thank you! :blush:

When the posters are as friendly and professional as you have been, it is.:slightly_smiling_face:

However, when users are demanding and unprofessional things can be very different. :upside_down_face:


I also received this scam. Enquired to why they couldn’t contact me through Fiverr as they clearly were only to be told this is a personal matter and they must have my email address.





I wish I had discovered this forum before I posted my first gig.

I’ve been in the B2B world since 2003 so I’m a bit thrown by these imposters. I mean I know better (or thought I did) but the old classical conditioning kicks in and I realize I am giving way too much benefit of the doubt. I am realizing I need to vet every inquiry - a little soft due diligence - which I suppose at least one layer is already provided through the auspices of the TOS.

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I have been finding I’m getting up to three or four of these some days. In fact since being on Fiverr I have yet to get a real person. Just triaging scammers. Maybe I should add an offering where for $1 they can give me their pitch, with the stipulation that if it violates TOS they get reported. There must be some way to monetize this traffic!