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Identity Verfication

Hello! I dont have any government id’s yet. May i ask if i still can get verified using my student’s id?


How come you don’t have government id yet? Aren’t you supossed to get an id card once you turn 13 or 14?

no way, you cant
must need government id or passport

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I cant get one since we are on lockdown

no. its not like that. I mean we could get an id but it would take too long like for a months or even a year. And now how am i supposed to get one? Were on lockdown

I only have students id as of now. Is there no other way? :frowning:

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You may create a passport for you. You can verify using that

may i know how? like i mean, as far as i know here in our country we should still go and visit the agency but as of now they are closed. do they have a site wherein i could just register and stuffs like that?

NO WAY, SISTER :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello buddy, i hope that you are facing a problem of id verification , No problem , I can tech you some trick. i hope that your parents still now with you . you can verifie your account to submit your father or mother NID card. just you have to change billing information as same as your parents id card address. not change your fiverr user name. after virification . you can change billing address. thank you


yes, may i know how?

Considering that your a kid and making ends meet to win daily bread, I suggest you use a close relative (mom or dad). Unfortunately, the verification process is mandatory and can lead to temporary limitation of account.


can i use my parents’ id instead? I feel so helpless if i cant verify my account since im already starting earning and its really a big help for my studies. :frowning:

and i just turned 21 last day so yeah we can go get an id if we want to and its not for free also so i opted not to get one but i didnt expect that fiverr needs a valid id for me to get verified and its sad since were on a lockdown too

you must need a NID or passport!

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