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Identity verification problem - my photo won't upload

Hello everyone,

Fiverr asked me to verify my identity. That is no problem to me, but the verification page in mobile after scan where I upload my passport, NID or DL just won’t work. I need to upload my documents, but the site doesn’t do anything. I need to click on a camera button, but the button is basically dead. I tried for hours and days refreshed the site a million times but it is still the same.

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.


Hi, i have faced the same problem some days before, then i try my verification with my mobiles default MOBILE BROWSER (not with the fiverr apps).

It solved my problem of submit the document correctly. You can try that too.

I hope it work for you also and solve your problem…

(Before scan the code on mobile do not forget to login to your fiverr account in MOBILES Default Browser )…



Thank you so much. i will be following your advice.

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Me too faced this issue as the image on my DL not clear enough to verify and i renewed it by one day service and uploaded and verified.

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