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Identity verification problem

Hi There,
I went to a problem with ID verification on fiverr. I made my ID card another 15 years ago.
So at this time my picture does not match with my ID card. But Fverr is giving me this notification when I submit the ID card and picture.
Your ID wasn’t verified due to the quality of your photo. Please try again. But again the picture quality was good. I uploaded the scanned ID card and picture id card. This time I submitted it twice.
Now I don’t understand what I can do. Will I try to upload now? I’ve talked to Fiverr Support.
But they say clear my browser cash and upload it again. But I have heard three to four times that the account is restricted when I failed to verify the ID. Please help me what can I do now

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I am also facing the same problem. So, did they restore your account?

What worked for you?

Hello Grace Williams,
I am very happy. Because my problem was solved. I am talking Fiverr customer support.They solved my problem. If you face this problem then contact customer support. I believe your your problem will solved. Best of luck.

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How did they solve? They did manual verification or asked for something?

This may help:

They told me to submit the ID again. But I was late to submit. I thought I would submit it in the night. But fortunately They have automatically confirmed my varification.

Great, happy selling.