Identity Verification


Is there any one get any update on identity verification? I saw some screenshot that some people gets the Identity verification notification on fiverr?
Can anyone have any idea about this?


They ask you to verify your phone number at some point.


I saw some screenshot :frowning:


I saw the screenshot too. I’m not sure. Perhaps for Fiverr Pro folks?


I have no idea why Fiverr want that and why I should provide such data to Fiverr. Fiverr is not a monetary service provider (like Payoneer where such data can be provided), they are just a marketplace and it’s a borderless marketplace.

I think if they apply this rule, they will lose a big amount of seller.


cgtrader had started that,and many users leave that fiverr do that,the same thing will happen too :slight_smile:


I’m curious: where did they confirm that it’s true? For I can’t see any public announcement or update on this…

And if that’s true, it might be because of this:


Eveyone is changing their policy about data protection after Facebook - analytica case.


I haven’t seen confirmation yet. Since there are many seller accounts with fake pictures, stock photos or fake (VPN covered) countries that I can see why they might do this.


If this is going to happen! That will good for fiverr - Around 50% seller will loose their accounts As many sellers are using multiple accounts. But What about Data protection of user - Seller giving their National ID, there will be more chances to hack their Credit card, Bank Account and many more… It’s a big theft of their future :thinking:

If fiverr really serious about Clean the multiple account and Fake users to Fiverr!!

Apply this formula :

  1. Disable the all sellers accounts on temporary basis -
  2. Keep Activate the Top rated seller and Pro seller alive on fiverr - Because the are already verified by fiverr.
  3. Asked the provide national ID for Activate account of temporally disable user. It will take 15-30 days for verify manually - If support have 10 members - They can verify - 1000-2000 users a day. Then Everything will be resolve.!! One month will be painful but future issue will be solve!!

Is fiverr wants to loss their earning?


yes.there are many users have many account,but the protection of personal information is important.Facebook cannot do that well,fiverr can do that better? i am not sure.
the payment method should be a verify method. if more than 2 users use the same payment method,maybe they are the same person.


Other freelance platforms arrange semi-surprise video calls so they can catch you with your avatar face on, at your specified location. If that’s one of those things, I wouldn’t mind that.

If it’d require me waving my passport around or something of the sort, I’d prefer not to do that. They already have my name, face, country, social media accounts, cell phone number and job history (from the pro seller application). I honestly think it should be enough.


Yeah… Many sellers would not like to give this. They should just move from fiverr :smile:


I have a beautiful panoramic 3D x-ray of my teeth I just got. Wouldn’t mind to submit that for identification purposes if required. :slight_smile:


that had happen on some platforms.I think so too


hahahah - that’s cool - you’re most welcome for submit that too :smile:


I’ll be not surprise - If Fiverr can announce in the future - Sellers must be physically available on their Office for Identification process :smile: Sellers will have to pass the Interview, Skills test, Medical test etc …etc. :wink:


It’s true. I’ve asked the fiverr team about the issue and they confirmed it.!


LOL :wink: :sunny: GOD BLESS - all sellers :blush: me too.

I don’t know, Should i give my Passport or Not? Because worlds have big data theft. If anything will happen in future. Is fiverr will take that responsibility on their head?

I don’t think so.!!


Hmm it will be a better process. Because there are so many fake sellers and many sellers with multiple account from our country.

I don’t think fiverr security is weak. They should delete our personal info after verify our identity.