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Identity Verification


I don’t think so, Fiverr security is stronger than Facebook security OR MICROSOFT security.

As worlds know recently - Microsoft security had failed to RANDSOM hackers and Facebook as analytica and many more…

Even My country Supreme Court has banned the govt. rules about Universal ID mandatory.


You are right but I’m not afraid about it.


Isn’t Fiverr protecting Buyer’s & sellers :heavy_dollar_sign::dollar: ? :smiley: Data is a big deal for them?


Because you don’t know about your data protection :smile:


I think, fiverr wants to collect a big data base on ID basis…Might be they will sell and earn to that… As other companies does. It’s all part of business :sunny:


I’m favor of STOP THE SELLERS - Who have multiple account and fake account. But that can be by 100s of other way. Collecting person sensitive data should not be allow!!


I agree with you. But Fiverr doesn’t protect sellers revenue all time (e.g: PayPal dispute). I lost my money after 3 months of an order completed.


I can show a seller thread on this forum. Order has cancel by fiverr support after 2 years. 100% sure fiverr will not secure anything for seller. Even any seller do goes for ask the information to the CS. They do not give all information - As they do say. We can not give information for protecting their ETA…!! LOL. It’s big flaws.


That’s another thing, you may contact CS about that issue.


Lol I had contact to CS but they warned me instead of give any solution. :joy::joy:


Anyone can give information - Fiverr are asking ID verification to the BUYERS too? As everyone do say, Fiverr have many fake accounts and sellers - I believe in this and i do agree. But Nobody do say - Fiverr have fraud buyers and fake buyers. Who do just take job and refund their money too!! Don’t you think?


Do you think me crazy?


I can’t say that I am thrilled about this.

Firstly, while I have a photo ID, it is not the law to have a photo ID in my home country. Nor, (I believe) is it a legal requirement in the U.S. What is more, since I am technically considered to be epileptic, I am not allowed a drivers licence. As such, if I didn’t have a passport, I would now have to go out and purchase one.

So, with it taking 4-8 weeks to get a passport in the UK (unless one pays for a fast track application) how will Fiverr ensure that users not already in possession of some form of photo ID, won’t get banned while rushing out to get one?

Secondly, if this rule was extended to buyers, it would completely put an end to Paypal charge-backs. In this case, will we see this happen?

Lastly, I’m sorry but I simply don’t feel comfortable handing over my ID to Fiverr. You are talking about a company which is notoriously hard to contact directly (unless you love robots) which so far, has neither announced this move officially, nor made available details of any kind of data protection policy.

In short, if this is true, it is really high time that Fiverr stopped with the surprise: “Hey we’re doing this now, deal with it.” And started communicating key policy and user updates in a timely manner.


UK resident - no current passport, ancient paper (non-photo) driving licence, no photo identity.


See you around, then…


Yes seven days to get an ID is going to be difficult for some people.


I’m not favoring this change either, but let’s not just say random things here :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, interesting development. :thinking: I haven’t received this confirmation.

Maybe Fiverr is just targeting certain accounts?

I do have valid ID/Driver’s License etc. I’m not sure if I’m :100:% OK with providing with this info. However, if it’s mandatory, I guess I don’t have a choice. I don’t have anything to hide, but I do value my privacy and security.

I think it’s GREAT Fiverr is getting rid of the riff-raff bogus accounts tho. :ok_hand:t4:

Question anybody from the :us: received this message?


My opinion:

When $ is involved, I am all for ID verification if done correctly and securely. This will cut down on a lot of fake sellers and clean up the marketplace a bit. That being said, I somewhat agree with @cyaxrex that the same should be extended to buyers also as this may help in cutting down chargebacks.


My user name is different from my Passport name.
is it will be a problem ??