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Identity verify problrm

I have no any I’d card , passport and driving license. My 1 day only left :cry::cry::cry::cry:
How canow I will verify my identity
Pleare help me :cry::cry::cry:


Get the fiverr customer support


Fiverr helpline told me…international card and :cry::cry::cry:

I thought they gave you a number of days? Why did you wait until now to :cry: about it? Why did you not take action sooner to secure an ID?


OMG! Just ! day left. Why you didn’t take action before…
Now should talk to CS And describe your reason and ask for some more time…
After that you should go for making pssport emergency…

Because I was not understand , which type card company need, I was send help centre mail. But help centre told me…please use visa card and international card…but I have no card…
Please help me​:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Why you need passport? You can submit voter ID card if you are from India submit Adhaar card.

I submitted but fiverr told me that is not good. And restricted my account…:cry::cry::cry::cry:

Tell them in India we have only Voter Card System and Adhaar card and about the passport and driving license that takes upto 4 months to get them in hands…

I am sorry for your predicament. But I can not help you.

I don’t know how, but you are welcome on the forum👨‍💻


So, did they restore your account? I am also facing the similar problem.

I don’t have DL or Passport. I have only Aadhaar Card with me.

Submitted a ticket to fiverr, now waiting for their response.

I am not from India but I am from Trinidad and Tobago and there was also an issue verifying my id. I wrote to customer support and explained to them, then they automatically verified my id. You can try that.

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@shabirbhat will Adhaar card work for verification ? have you tried that before ,?

@gracewilliams91 Is Adhaar card working for id verification ? I also have no DL or passport ? what did fiverr customer support tell you ?

i also faced same problem so i emailed to CS but the CS is still very lazy i tell everything about the indian ID card even i show Wikipedia link for indian Id cards, lets see what fiverr will answered if i got any new updated the i will post here.

i got this message from customer support

Mario Today at 03:07

Hello Harneet,

I understand your concern, and I am sorry I can assist you, this process is an automated system and cant be manually changed, unfortunately, if your document is not registered as a valid document in our platform, you will not be able to complete the process. As I said before, once you have one of the approved documents for our platform, you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

For the time being, you will have access to your active orders and you will continue to be able to communicate with your buyers through the active order pages. You will not be able to communicate with other users through inbox messages.

If you have funds available or pending clearance, you will continue to have access to them while your account remains restricted.

@harneetart so how you done your verification ?

@harneetart and after how much days of joining fiverr , you got notification for verification ?

Hi, after a 3 month I got verification message but I try first with Adhar card card but Fiverr reject my verification, then i dropped an email to Fiverr customer support and tell them my everything about Adhar card, after a 3 hours they revert my Fiverr support said ADHAR CARD or PAN CRAD is not valid document in our database, so always remember you have to submit your Driving licenced, Passport or any Visa stamp page (travel visa stamp on passport, not visa or MasterCard etc ,)

After that I will submit my DL they approved it, without any problem, Now I am successfully verified by Fiverr

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