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Idiot or Clever Scammer? Either way, some help plz


Right, I had someone order 1 x gig from my SEO content writing gig which I clearly state you either need to supply me with keywords for when you order or order a $5 keyword search extra.

This person, however, did neither and asked for a rewrite of a pretty pathetic sales copy which he got.

At the same time (meaning all articles were delivered at once) this person ordered 8 articles from the same gig and specified the keywords they wanted using in only one of these. Also, they only sent details of 5 articles which they wanted writing but one was 884 words long, split into three sections, and had a request for research to be undertaken for each article. This being the case, I assumed that this represented their total order. (I charge $5 per 300 words you see).

Anyway, all this was delivered a few hours ago. Immediately, however, the buyer came back to me saying that he is confused as I haven’t seemed to use any relevant keyword terms. Also, he apparently wanted 8 individual articles on his second order but forgot to include details of 3 further titles.

Long story short, I have apologized but made it clear that I have followed this person’s instructions exactly as outlined. This buyer then stated that if he just wanted content he could have gone somewhere else and got 2 articles for $5 per time and can’t use any of my work. He also accused me of advertising my services inappropriately and stated that he can’t use any of the work I have done for him.

Now I have been civil throughout all communications and offered to edit his articles if he supplies me with keywords he wants using FOC. He is now providing these but I know by the direction in which our conversations are going that this is going to end in a big fat cancellation/refund request which I am going to be damned if I agree to.

So, if this does happen do you think CS will have my back? And if so, will they actually read our conversations or will I have to take a shed load of screenshots?

In either case, I am so sick of this type of buyer.


I am sorry to hear. I believe customer support would support you though you never know what kind of support agent you will get.

If it comes down to that, make sure to include as many screenshots as possible highlighting parts of your conversation when submitting your ticket, which will help them evaluate this situation quicker.

Best of luck with this, I understand your frustration!


Looks like an idiot to me, which doesn’t help you much of course.

I’d go play Customer Support roulette, from my experience they’ve been very responsive recently (although I never had to fight for my $$$ yet and have only ever submitted bug related tickets)


I’m with liz, sounds like this person isn’t very bright, or maybe that’s the con, act like a bozo to pull the wool over your eyes? Either way, show cs all the evidence and I’m sure they will side with you! :slight_smile:


The “I can’t use any of this” is a scumbag favorite. In fact, that exact line was used on me recently, even though I followed his visual sample to a professional T. Oh yeah, and discounted the price. Of course he got away both with the work and my pay. Not much you can do except, in the future, account for bust orders like this.

You can try CS, but i had no support from them after requesting the matter be investigated. If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t waste anymore time on this screwoff. Definitely don’t do more work for him. You’d be a fool to. At the very least, he has proven himself a nincompoop deserving of nothing less than a boot to the bum.

Good luck, man.


Don’t offer a cancellation or refund, you have done your best. If he gives a negative review, offer evidence to customer support and have it removed - it may work or it may not. But don’t refund.


I’m not going to offer a refund. My problem is that I am pretty sure that this guy is going to ask for a refund himself. Either that or go off to CS.

Anyway, it’s even more ridiculous now. I have over delivered this order by at least 500 words. I have also thrown in a free revision to all articles to include the keywords he is just providing now but should have done so 6 days ago. So then what does he do? Only go and send me details of two more articles he wants written with a note that as far as he is concerned I still owe him a couple more but he is happy to let me keep any extra money as a tip!

I mean what? - This guy is basically telling me that he decides how much I will do for $5 and that he wants more work because he is used to other people doing 2 x 300 word articles for $5!

What a piece of measly, pathetic cognitive mouthwash.


I had something like this a while back and sent it to CS, asking what I should do. They said not to worry, they won’t refund him, or words to that effect.
The buyer has an “I’m the boss” complex so the simplest way is to clearly state what he paid for, what you did and what you did extra. I would do that in three sections, like bullet points. It makes it clear for him and an easy screenshot to send to CS if you need to.


It’s an idiot. A precognitive idiot, if you will. I would close it with a polite explanation and wait to see what he does next. Bad review? Welp, off to CS with screenshots highlighting the idiocy. You’ve more than met the gig expectations and now he’s taking you for a mug.

Time to mug him. Hopefully he’ll go apeshit, which will make your case even stronger.


He or she is definitely a clever scammer


I remember when I first started I did an audio editing gig for someone, nothing too hard just remove some hiss and tone, from an analog recording, transferred to digital. I did the job, it was borderline perfect and the buyer, who obviously trying to scam me, said it was horrible and sounded too digital (which is redundant considering they converted it from analog to digital in the first place, LOL) and demanded a refund, I refused because I had done the work and it sounded great to me, I even sent it to a mate who is an accredited sound engineer and he said it sounded much better than the original recording and didn’t sound too “digital” at all and had no idea wtf this guy was on about, unless he was a scammer and wanted it for free, which is exactly the conclusion I came to.
I knew this guy was full of it when he then said he himself was a sound engineer (here we go) and said he’s been in the industry for 30 years and knows more than me, I just laughed and said if he was telling the truth then why was the initial recording such bad quality (the thing wasn’t even recorded in true stereo, just mono, which I had to fix as well, LOL) to begin with and why on earth couldn’t he do it himself then, as it’s not that hard. His only defense was, that he didn’t have time to do it so he thought he’d outsource it, I just said whatever and told him to either move on or dispute it with CS because as far as I’m concerned he’s just a scammer!
I ended up getting the $ and he left no review, so sometimes it pays to stand your ground and refuse them, esp if you call them out as trying to scam you. :slight_smile:


It’s possible that CS isn’t going to read the conversation and that they will ask for screenshots instead.

I believe that this one is a scammer. I’ve seen the behavior before: they don’t give proper instructions, then demand more revisions than you offer, and keep demanding more work. It only ends when you end it.

Good luck!


I actually got rid of this guy by overdelivering his order and telling him politely that I would prefer not to work with him in future. How that will work out review wise will be interesting…