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Idiotic Rating System - 4.5 stars = negative?

From my experience, (I could be wrong) but any rating given under 5 star works to decrease a sellers rating down from 100%. To me this is nothing short of counterintuitive idiocy. To the typical person or anyone outside of (Fiverr staff) 4.5 stars means very very good. For instance a movie rated 4.5 stars by a critic is sure to be an excellent production. This corresponds to all walks of life outside of Fiverr. So essentially with this farce of a rating system you can have a situation where a customer genuinely loves your gig and gives what any reasonable human would think to be a great star rating (4.5) but this ‘great rating’ would actually be a negative rating and bring the sellers % total down.

I had a situation where a customer wrote “highly recommended over other ‘copyright lawyers’ on this app! one of the best gigs on fiverr.” 4.5 stars

Tell me how its logical to implement a system where a review like this works against a seller?

If this is in reflection to your own experiences, I’ve just looked on your profile and everything’s showing up as 100%?

If what you’re saying is the case, then it does seem a little concerning… But then if it’s the same with every seller it’s ultimately still a fair system, and we should all be aiming for 5 stars.

I’m still 100% based on a large portion of previous 5 star reviews that outweigh the 4.5 star rating. In the past i received a 4.5 star review that reduced my 100% rating to 98% which it thought was idiotic considering the customer thought I did a great job.

But ultimately I believe that anything other than 5 star is not positive as it has a negative affect on your percentage. A 4 star rating that has the potential to reduce a seller from 100% to 92% is hardly positive.

Competely agree. I think there should be some other method of rating !

99- 5 star review and 1-4.5 star review decrease your rating from 100% to 99%

I miss the thumbs up and down rating system.

Ratings here are just so subjective. I ignore them now. I just got a 3.5* review because I didn’t bold a certain word in a document. I guess the buyer forgot I gave them $20 worth of content for a fiver, plus free 24 hour delivery (cos I’m nice), PLUS free keyword research.

There are a lot of idiots on this site and the rating system is dumb. You’ll be gotten to eventually!

Just maintain a good feedback score (97% +) and don’t stress yourself too much over it. If you provide a good service you’ll get plenty of buyers.


I just read review on your profile. it just amazing and I am thinking that review really not fair. i have also problem with such buyer . i did 15 hour work for 1 buyer instead of 5 as i describe in gig according to instruction. when i deliver report he put in cancel and ask for refund. because of rating i did this.

You know, before I started selling/buying online, I would never have written 5 star reviews unless a truly exceptional service was provided. Like back in the school, you never got perfect 10 unless EVERYTHING was perfect, even if your score was 99/100 you’d get 10- or even 9½ depending how strict the teacher was (at least in my school)

Nowadays you just kind of give five stars even when service/product is just and just acceptable… and that isn’t exactly right is it?

But if you give 4 or 4.5 stars, because you like what you got, but it lacked that little something to make it 5 star, you might get buyers frantically messaging you, offering refunds and what nots, it’s rather embarrassing. So it’s easier to leave 5 stars even if in your heart you think 4 or 4.5 would be more beneficial and might even encourage the seller to achieve better next time.

I wish 4.5 stars would count as 5, as there are a lot of people who by principle, never gives anyone perfect score.

I’ve too have experienced buyer who give 4.5 stars and don’t realize that is counts against us. One buyer did that and sent it two large order minutes afterwards. Obviously they were very, happy, but still gave 4.5. Another buyer gave 4 stars and a tip.

Sometimes I will message them and ask what I could have done to get 5 stars. A few times I had buyer say that it was a mistake and changed it to 5 stars.

All in all, sheer numbers of 5 will take care of it, but some people don’t believe in giving a 5 so don’t worry.

Reply to @mallika255: Wow that is just heart breaking. I’m sorry you had to waste so much of your time. :frowning:

I don’t think that a less than 5-star review goes against us. I believe that a buyer has to have the freedom to give us whatever review they think that we deserve, even if we don’t agree with it.

However, I think that what really goes against us is the practice of some (most?) sellers, pushing buyers to change or remove low star reviews, giving refunds, additional work for free, and so on.

I wish reviews and rating were unchangable once given. Because as they’re right now, a 100% doesn’t say much about the quality of the work provided by a seller.

Reply to @belengarcia: Doesn’t a 100% rating say “I’ve satisfied my buyers 100% of the time?”

Reply to @emasonwrites: Not really. As a buyer, I’m not satisfied when a seller gives me a bad product and then refunds (I haven’t lost my money, but I’ve lost my time). I’m satisfied when a seller gives me a good product.

As it is now, a 100% could mean:

  • The seller is great and always or most times delivers a great product.
  • The seller delivers a good product only 10% of the time; the other 90% refunds or cancels.
  • Something in between…

    If I buy something, I want a good product/service; not a refund (and even more if I can’t take my refunded money out of Fiverr).

    A solution to this could be that buyers could add additional reviews to the same order. In that case, if I, as a buyer, give a 4-star review to a seller, and then he decides to refund or redo, subsequent potential customers could see how the transaction went. Something like “…at first the buyer wasn’t completely satisfied and gave 4 stars, then the seller redelivered, or refunded and the client end up 100% satisfied (or not)”.

Main problem “NOT RATED”

Reply to @skydesigner: Oh my goodness! I think if a customer doesn’t leave a review after 30 days you should get an automatic Outstanding Experience.

Reply to @sara1984:

Its heart breaking … and some buyer are really amazing … i got $40 as a tip one time… because of my quality work.

Really? I don’t know that was the case. I have some orders that were not rated too.

I used to care a lot about my ratings until people began trying to manipulate me into giving them more by holding them over my head. Now, it’s not worth it. When people try that with me now, I just cancel the order or let the bad review ride. I’m not going to be blackmailed into extra work for $3.80 (after fiverr & paypal cut) just for a lousy review.

It seems to me that aprx 60% of all buyers will leave a review. Indicative of nothing except that some people just do not leave reviews.