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If a Buyer account is blocked by fiverr then does the money for which the order has been completed is transferred back to buyer?

I had a buyer who placed me an order related to book covers. I completed the work and uploaded it. I requested her to check the work but she said she is busy and will check it later. Then the order was automatically completed. After 5 days she came back and said that The files had a error. I asked about the error but she was only saying one thing that give me my money back. After some time her account was blocked by fiverr but the payment is still in Pending (clearance as usual).
I want to know that will the payment be refunded back to her?


I’m a bit confused. Has the usual 14 day hold already passed? If not, then it’s too soon to know what will happen.

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If buyer refund through Paypal your payment will refund and also order consider cancel. If your buyer will never refund from paypal fiverr will give you money.

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@imagination7413 actual 14 days are not passed. Today is 5th day. 9 more days are left for clearance