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If a buyer asks, "how much should I pay you"


Sometimes a buyer might ask you how much you’d be willing to work on his order. Could be because he feels the work is worth more than $5 though your gig title is specifically written as " I will do this for $5" A seller may be tempted to say," wow! This is my opportunity! Maybe I should demand $15 for this!" others might be afraid to ask for more as they feel they might scare the prospective buyer away.

I want to know if anyone has experienced this. What will be your response to the buyer


i would just be honest; repeat customer is the key, you don’t want to let buyer felt like they got ripped off or something. Happy customer will refer your service to other people.


I have used other outsourcing sites and I liked one they allow a bonus system, meaning if buyer was really happy with your work, they could give you a Bonus! All within their system of course, so legit.

The idea of a $5 Gig is great, but for seller, it takes time to prepare the gig and do good job. $5 doesn’t cover your time. Bonus system would be fair. Everyone is happy!


I think it depends entirely on what type of gig you have. I have translation gigs, where it’s very clear how many words I translate for $5. I do have some leeway (if it’s 50 words here or there, for instance, or if it’s someone I have done a previous gig for and I remember that they had some words “left over”, if they seem likely to order another gig, that sort of thing) but for me it’s easy to say “this is 2000 words, it’s x amount of gigs” because I have that clear line already drawn.

I think for me, it would be very difficult to have to quote my work to every new buyer (or potential buyer). I think that’s why it’s so great to do the work for an already set $5 (or more if you have extras) because that means you don’t have to think about the price beyond setting up the gig, but can just focus on the work itself. (Or, hopefully.)


I think you should always tell them the price that you state in your gig description.

Maybe they are asking because they want a discount or they just felt too lazy to check your price list in the gig description.

In order to make sure that you don’t come out as someone who wants to rip them off and to also avoid losing money by doing things cheaper, always ask for the sum stated in your gig. This way, they see that you are honest and not trying to take advantage of them and that your price list is not just “an idea” but your actual prices. It’s much more professional than doing anything else in this situation.


I depends on the gig, happens with me on every order. Always asked about the cost :smiley:


I agree this is a question that puts pressure on sellers, especially those who are not getting enough sales. But be honest, and tell them what you think you would be doing in long run. But if you are new and want to build a religion go little extra mile, that helps.:slight_smile:


many buyers ask me the same before ordering my GIG, and i just quote them as per their instructions because they know $5 is not worth that work. So they happily willing to pay more.

I made a html sales page for a buyer for $5 and he pay $30 as TIP :slight_smile:

When you deliver the quality work, buyers pay you a good TIP most of the time :slight_smile:

Just quote them honestly, and you will be rewarded. If not never lose hope. :slight_smile: