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If a buyer is not responding you more than a day than you should not do the work which he has given

a buyer given me a work of 30$ in which i have to make a UML diagram. now i make it and need to discuss with him but he is not responding me since 2 days. so i suggest you people that if someone not contact with you more than 12 hour, left the work which he has given to

@kissreviews i have complete my work and send it to the buyer but still he is not responding

@aliumt No worries, you’ve completed it and made yourself available for further discussion so I’d say you’ve done the best you can in this situation. @thecreativeguys is right, the order will complete on its own. And @bigbadbilly makes an excellent point about time zones and schedules not meshing.

Keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

Buyers may not get back to you for a variety of reasons, it has happened to me on a few occasions. I try to reach out twice a day and if I think an order needs discussion before delivery, but have had no response from them, I’ll upload what I have with a message letting them know the deadline had arrived but I will still be available for further consultation.

That has worked for me, and they seem to appreciate it.

No. You shouldn’t.

Not everyone is online all the time.

Also, timezones are different. They may have ordered a few hours before they go to bed. Then, go to bed, wake up, go to work or school… Meanwhile, to you, they ordered during the day, or in the morning. So you don’t understand why they haven’t messaged you back.

But to them. They ordered. Waited a bit. Went to bed for the night. Got up. Went to work. So to them, not that much time has passed. Compared to you, who got the order during the day or in the morning. (Your time).

Reply to @aliumt: If this is what he wanted, it should complete automatically in Three days but as @kissreviews said let him know you’re here and that you delivered it to be on time however I can do edits if needed…

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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