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If a buyer makes mistake orders

A buyer made an order by mistake and then cancelled it. Then ordered once again wrong and then placed one more order also wrong cause there wasn’t disscussed details, agreed sum of paymant and date delivery. As the buyer placed an order by mistake and cancelled it, it lowered my rating. If I’ll cancel 2 other orders it will lower it even more. I now asked a customer support to help me, but I’m not sure about it.
Have you such experience? And what to do to not affect your rating if a buyer make wrong unagreed order?

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Really sad Avrora, hopefully, very soon you will get a solution from an expert. However, you can describe to your buyers that “contact with me before placing any order for the best outcome for all” in your gig to be concern in the future.

I do, I always do. We discussed something in messages before but haven’t agreed all the thing. Unfortunately, I was sleeping when the buyer made all those orders, otherwise I could try to stop the buyer earlier.

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Oh, that seems more pathetic, without any legitimate reason you may gonna suffer with these unfortunate incident. Although, I am optimistic about an expert solution.

1 Like This article may help you if you haven’t read yet.

Thanks for your support.

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Welcome​:+1::+1: always with all Fiverr mates.

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Customer support cancelled orders, but it affects my Oder Cncellation Rate anyway and they say they can’t do anything to it.
What if buyers keep doing this to sellers, where sellers end up?

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Oops, you finally get the unexpected cancellation impact on your gig. Best wishes for future.

Pretty much up :poop: creek without a paddle. :worried:

It’s definitely a raw deal!