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If a buyer report a seller about a negative service. Does Fiverr let us know?

I haven’t received any negative reviews from clients yet. But I just want to know. In case there is a buyer report us for something bad, doesn’t Fiverr let us know that?


Nope. Unless they give you a warning. In which case you’ll know something has happened, but not what or who …


You can also stop doing bad things, that should alleviate your fears.


Hi @coerdelion. Thanks so much. That will help me to analyze possibilities affecting a seller’s performance

Hi @frank_d. Thank you. I’m thinking about a case that we’re all doing good things and the buyer had also confirmed that, but we’re still reported in the end. It rarely happens, you think it’s possible?

I don’t understand whether you are describing something happening to you right now or if you are speaking hypothetically.


That’s a hypothetical case

Why do you think would a buyer report you?

I need an example.

When you get reported, there’s manual intervention. A Fiverr employee investigates the flag.

If it’s valid, they take action.

Otherwise, nothing happens.


Hi @frank_d
Thanks so much
Unfortunately, I have no example at the moment. I haven’t had any bad reviews so far.
But I want to calculate what possibilities could affect Gig’s impressions, and I’m thinking that being reported might be one of the factors.
And It’s good to know that Fiverr takes action by manual intervention.
Thanks again for your help

I think it’s quite a jump to go straight to “what happens if I get reported”.

There are dozens of factors that tell the algorithm whether your gig is performing well.

You should try to stop worrying about an invisible and irrational threat and focus on your clients.