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If a buyer report a seller then is it harmful for seller or not


If a buyer report a seller then is that harmful for the seller or not? If harmful then what should seller do?

Can high budget order be split into many low budget orders?

I don’t think being reported by a buyer could ever be a good thing for a seller, but it would depend on the buyer’s reasons for reporting them etc.?

It would be up to CS to take any action - not really for the rest of us to comment on as we don’t know the circumstances.


If a buyer reports a seller for no good reason, then no action is taken and the action is neither harmful or good.

If the buyer reports the seller and their reasoning is viewed by customer support as valid, then the seller will be negatively impacted which could be a small repercussion or a major one, depending on the severity of what the seller has been found guilty of.


Imho, if a buyer reports a seller, the buyer is either:

  1. Not happy with the service;
  2. Made a mistake and is probably going to realise it sooner or later;
  3. A dishonest person trying to get some sort of a benefit out of a controversial situation.


So what will be the best we should do in the case if CS take any action


If a buyer reports a seller to customer support, either the seller did something wrong, or the buyer is mad they didn’t get something free, or is a competitor.

If the seller did something wrong then don’t do it again.