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If a buyer took my work and put dispute that i never provide the work he want ,

I did one order for the buyer then he took my work and changed all access then he put dispute that I am not providing the work he wants. then I contact to the support but they not able to help me then I accept the dispute to cancel the order. it affects my profile and also gets Toc violation warning. what to do with this type of buyers.


Hello @yuvrajsinghw,
Thanks for posting your Story on Fiverr Forum. In a case like yours, you must first need to help yourself by learning some unique working methods and ways of providing your work to your client so they can never cheat.

I would suggest you complete your order at your end and keep it a safe place where your client can not access it until he likes the delivery.
Must use some watermarks or Things like that,
If buyer dispute. do not accept it.

Modern Creator

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Me too… Would you please suggest me best solution for this problem…

Thank you all


If Fiverr Customer Support isn’t doing anything about it, then the only option at this point would be to cancel the order.

But from now on, you should make sure that the client isn’t able to steal your work. You could use watermarks like @moderncreator01 said!

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When fiverr customers support not agree to help u. Its have 2 way.
1.try to satisfied your client and try to make clear all confusion.
2.its realy bad but you have to cancel ur order.

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What was the warning for?

My first question…are you telling us the full story?

If the Buyer were to be here, would he/she share the same story?

Sorry, I just get suspicious with these types of posts.

It comes from my years in the Media.

There’s always three sides to a story.

Yours…the Buyers…

And the truth.

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If you received a TOS warning, then it’s likely you conveniently left part of this story out. It’s also likely that your dialogue and conduct with the buyer during this dispute is WHY you got the warning.

Always conduct yourself as a professional - even when you are not happy with a buyer or a circumstance.

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