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If a buyer wants a gig for free, Fiverr will make it happen

I’ve been a 5-star seller on Fiverr since 2011. I have almost 400 positive reviews and have been a great member with a great seller reputation. Even with that, Fiverr doesn’t care. If a buyer decides they want a refund (for whatever reason), Fiverr will give it to them. Even AFTER I put in the time, effort and delivered the service; the buyer gets to keep it and get a refund; no questions asked.

This totally screws over loyal sellers like me. I’ve had this happen to me three times in the six years I’ve been a seller. This last time was the last straw. The sellers are the backbone of this web portal and they’re treated like crap.

If you are a seller or are considering to be one, be aware that you will do work and not get paid for it and there’s nothing you can do. All that needs to happen is a buyer decides they want something and not pay for it. Fiverr definitely needs a new system to prevent this from happening.


I’m so sorry that this has happened to you.

Are you sure Fiverr canceled or refunded an order or was it a chargeback from Paypal?



The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support and buyer was refunded money. This is after the communication with the buyer clearly shows the service was provided and delivered. This buyer now has a free professional TV commercial, a professional radio commercial, 3-days of free national advertising. I got a email stating “Customer Service cancelled the order and refunded the buyer’s money”. There was a link that was suppose to go to a page with the reason behind this decision and there was no reason. Big waste of time on this order (again).


I can understand it happened with me twice or thrice where i worked hard and buyer asked for refund, That’s very disappointing situation and can de-motivate a seller, My situation was of the time when watermark was not introduced so the client had my work with revisions (12) and asked for $5 refund. I didn’t argued and just cancelled the order. Its the best to avoid this situation this can affect your reputation upto a great extent.

I still cannot stand a negative review no matter how big the order is however thank god the majority of buyers on fiverr are very nice, atleast with me

So i would suggest you to work hard on your skills so the buyer has to take your work and appreciate

Also fiverr won’t care about the previous record it only helps in promotion to featured gig or TRS
but when the sale is concerned they would stick to your current situation and avoid previous feedbacks

Logically fiverr cannot help it if someone doesn’t like your work you will have to refund and incase if you provided more than 2 revisions i believe fiverr should not cancel the order like that and they can leave the case upon feedback.


This particular order we did revision FOUR times to satisfy the buyer. This was based on the video he provided us to run (not our work). We fixed the video for him, re-edited it and got his approval. He then claims he’s on a limited budget and needs to get his money back. He then tried to make the claim that the url links, we provided him, did not work. We confirmed with him everything worked and was delivered. He then filed a ticket and Fiverr gave him his money back without looking at the communication on the true reason why he wanted his money back.


That seems like a very confused buyer


Yours does sound like a chargeback issue like @thecreativeguys mentioned. The buyer probably went to their payment source (credit card or PayPal) and filed a claim, which means that Fiverr loses their part of the money and they cancel the order automatically. That happens to most long-time sellers from time to time. If the funds involved are large enough, you can appeal to CS and ask for compensation from Fiverr. They have been known to help sellers with that. The ones I’ve heard of that were successful were extremely high dollar orders (I would think in terms of 1K+) and specific situations.

Otherwise it’s something that every business person deals with sometimes, just like brick and mortar businesses deal with shoplifting and bad checks. It really bites, but it’s part of owning a business. I’m sorry it happened to you. By the way, I like your gigs.


Disappointing …it happens with every seller here and sometimes it demotivates the sellers…but we can’t help it because we have to follow the principles of fiverr and it has its own policies.


I am sorry to hear you’ve experienced this as well. I am in the midst of this myself for the first time. Buyer is creating quite a fuss over a $5 order and has agreed that I went above and beyond in delivering. Yet, didn’t get my voiceover to match what he had in his head. I will not agree to mutually cancel and customer service is absolutely zero assistance in mediating this. So, interested to see what will happen.

I likely won’t remain on Fiverr beyond this. Too much headache over a $5 order and apparently the money I pay Fiverr (20%!!!) doesn’t carry any weight.


$5 clients are another whole story. Many want the world for their hard-earned five bucks. You might as well agree to mutually cancel because it’s a no win for you either way.

I personally stopped doing $5 orders awhile back as it just wasn’t worth the time, effort and headaches. Most were great clients but it’s the demanding few that will keep pressing until they get the service for free. We’ve all been there.


If they order like a webpage, photo, etc; and then chargeback; if you find it online where they used it but for free you could send a copyright notice to their host - since they didn’t pay - the work is not a ‘work-for-hire’ and you could take down their entire project.


With all due respect Nathaniel, it’s not worth the effort or money. If you go out for vengeance for orders like this, you’re wasting your time. It may be worth it if a order was thousands of dollars but what are you going to do, sue? Hosting companies have a ‘take down’ procedure for this and it’s a long process. Plus, anyone that’s going to stalk and monitor a buyer who didn’t pay; well, you need a new business plan.



After contacting Fiverr CS, I got a reply today. Fiverr has credited me the entire amount (less Fiverr’s commission) for this order. They stated that they went back and fully read all the communication messages of the transaction. It was noted that we did go above and beyond working with this buyer and the services were delivered, on time, with no issues.

We were credited because of the dollar amount and work that was involved in this order (as previously stated by ‘Fonthaunt’ in this thread).

So I Thank Fiverr CS for following up on this order. This experience is also a great tip to make sure your communication with the buyer documents EVERYTHING throughout the order process.


Hosting providers will take it down so fast - send to them and CC their upstream service providers - you’ll find the page taken down within 24 hours tops. Even so-caled bulletproof hosts will shut you down if their upstreams are involved. Pressuring the hosting provider reduces the amount of time spent. Besides it’s a fun activity to do during the break between orders.


I’ve learned business is business. Getting revenge is such a waste of time. I just don’t see the ‘fun’ in that. Another division of our company is web hosting. We have a process for copyright material claims just like most legit, major hosting companies. Yes, when it’s third-party, verifiable infringements like songs, movies, etc; those get immediately pulled down. When you’re talking logos, graphics and other $5 average Fiverr order material, nah - it’s a process. If it wasn’t, hosting companies would be fully staffed, having to pull stuff off sites all day (and then in most cases, putting them back up).


Just use a DMCA template - it has a statement sworn under penalty of perjury. They by law (US Law) have 48 hours to remove the content, if the client tries to break the law and sends a fraudulent counter notice, you have either 14 business days to file a lawsuit and force the host to keep the site offline or the host is obligated to continue hosting the site. I get your saying it’s a waste of time, but hey if you don’t have any orders to fulfill at the moment, it’d be a good way to pass some time.


LOL! Nathaniel, it sounds as though you have WAAAYY too much time on your hands. There are many non-profit organizations that can use that extra time for good. One word? Volunteer.

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Okay, update…

After refusing repeated requests to cancel by buyer, Fiverr finally stepped in. They cancelled the order, returned buyers money AND paid me. So, while I would rather not have the cancellation, at least Fiverr stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately, the buyer walked away with free voiceover.

Moving on :slight_smile:

Yep, it happens. Fiverr does try to do what’s fair for both parties. Unfortunately, the buyer always comes out ahead. The best thing to do is what you did, ‘move on’.

Yes, it happens. You just cannot do anything at all. And the irony is that I also got a negative review out of it. Bad review + no money.
I just wasted 2-3 hours just for a negative review without a single penny. It still hurts like it was yesterday.

I hope Fiverr comes up with something to hear seller’s story.