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If a client cancels an order, does that affects my status?


By accident i’ve send a custom offer with delivery time set to 1 day. I told that to the client and he was super nice to me and said that the delivery time does not matter to him.

can i ask him to cancel it and then send it another custom offer? Or this is a bad idea? Will his cancel affect negatively my status as a seller?


At anyway if the order is cancelled by anyone then your ranking must be down. It impacts Gig ranking. Never do it.


Order Completions and Cancellations FAQ. :point_left:t4:


Instead of cancellation, you can go to resolution center and extend the delivery time.


If buyer send you a cancellation request and you accept this then you get 1star , but if you send the cancellation request of you buyer then did not get a review just go down your order complete rating…wish you all the best :+1::100: bro never give up don’t be hopeless


This sounds completely false (based on how you wrote this). If you agree to cancel an order, the buyer CANNOT leave a review. If you decline cancellation, and keep your hard-earned money, THEN the buyer can leave any review they want.

There is NEVER a time when a buyer can get both a refund, and still leave a negative review.

Please do not give false advice.


Brother recently my friend got 1star review for his buyer send the cancelation request and he accepted so that he got 1star review that’s why i tell him. I did not advise false information first i knowing this information then i tell :slight_smile:


You can contact resolution center to extend the time of your delivery. That way, you don’t have to cancel the order.
Cancellation will affect your gig impressions.


And you are still wrong. It is NOT POSSIBLE for a buyer to obtain a refund of their order, and leave a negative review. Buyers cannot have both things.


Brother Jon :wink:,
I think he is referring to the 1 Star left by the automated system when a seller fails to deliver on time and the buyer decides to cancel it for a refund.


Extending delivery time is the better option.


Ah, so this is a case of a forum poster not being able to communicate well. I understand.

There’s a lot of this “can’t communicate well” thing going around lately. :wink:


Thanks to all! You were very helpfull. I sended my client an extend time request and he aceppted. All fine by now! :smile:


don’t cancel the order