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If an order is late, shouldn't I have the right to cancel immediately?

SOLVED - I was under the impression that this category was monitored by Fiverr Support Staff, and was merely making a suggestion. I wasn’t looking to actually start a threaded debate, but thank you to all who have replied with knowledge on the subject that may be helpful for anyone else with the thoughts I originally had below. I am muting the notifications, but will leave the original post up, so that others can glean all of the info.

Original Post:

It seems, that once an order is late, that I should have the right to cancel immediately.

If I place an order under certain terms, and those terms are not met, it is not my obligation to have to then open a dispute, contact the Seller and then wait an additional 48 hours for a cancellation. I really find this unacceptable.

This is the Fiverr Forum which is generally used by buyers and sellers for discussions and advice etc.
It is not monitored by customer support and only occasionally by Fiverr Staff. For any action that is required, you need to contact customer support by submitting a support ticket through

Regarding cancellation for lateness, it is possible to do it without need for the seller’s consent. It needs to be more than a little late, I think 24 hours but I’m not 100% sure.
This is a way of allowing a little leeway for sellers so that if they have, for example, spent 3 days working on an order that it cannot be cancelled for being an hour late. You can read more about how Fiverr works by reading the Terms of Service -

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I don’t know if staff will see your post, but I understand your opinion. There are things to keep in mind in the meantime. You can request a cancellation anytime, before the order is even due, although it would obviously be silly before the deadline unless there is a serious reason. If a seller is a little late you can immediately request a cancellation. If a seller realizes you aren’t willing to offer more time, they may just agree and refund you.

If the seller refuses or doesn’t respond shortly, you can contact Customer Support and tell them you don’t want to wait. They may choose to cancel it immediately for you depending on the situation. There is one “advantage” buyers get if they wait it out instead. An order that is less than a couple of days late IS sometimes an honest mistake or emergency for the seller, so Fiverr gives a little breathing room so that if that does happen, the seller can attempt to sort it out with the buyer in a neutral manner. Once it goes past that, Fiverr takes away that breathing room and not only does the gig get cancelled, an automatic 1 star review is left for the seller. Since that is the only way a seller can get a negative review for this, it will quickly affect those who are routinely late. They accrue a few 1 star reviews and if they don’t have a long history, their review percentage goes too low and most cannot continue to sell.

I don’t know if buyers would all want to give up that option to get a refund and leave a serious negative review. My guess is that Fiverr wouldn’t give a seller a bad review without that brief time to resolve the issue if there was a genuine reason. You can feel free to write to Customer Support directly and tell them your suggestion if you wish, but if you haven’t purchased before I didn’t know if you were aware of the review issue. Many buyers appreciate using that option as a warning to other buyers.

As a seller I would like to be able to cancel immediately. Sometimes a buyer will continue buying gigs and then send long messages about all the details he wants to have happen, when my gig is not offering that. That happened twice today from a buyer, and it took all day to try to get him to accept the cancellations.


Thank you for the quick reply!

I am not asking sarcastically, I just truly don’t understand… why is the category is labeled “Fiverr Site Suggestions”, if it is not monitored? HaHa!

Thanks again @eoinfinnegan!

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Thank you for the reply, @fonthaunt.

That’s what I was hoping would happen, the negative feedback/one star repercussion. I am not wanting to intentionally hurt the Seller’s reputation, but the Gig was purchased under certain terms, and if the Seller cannot meet them, they should be penalized, in some way…

What irked me was the fact that I have to wait an additional 48 hours to have it fully cancelled. Doesn’t this simply allow a Seller to solicit the Gig as “One Day Turnaround”, but really add a 2-3 day extension before A - the Gig being canceled or B - a negative, one star review?

I was under the impression that this was rather common for purchases in general.

Usually, if you have a complaint, you must contact someone, explain your complaint, wait for a response, and then complain again if the response does not satisfy you.

And actually it kind of is your obligation. I am not aware of any business that proactively issues refunds without the customer asking for them.:slight_smile:

Thank you for your input, @misscrystal

I am certain, that as a Seller, you must be faced with a whole slew of problems that I cannot even begin to imagine… This is one of the reasons I, as a Graphic/Web Designer myself, have decided to stick to buying on Fiverr, as opposed to offering my services.

Please know, that if you are a Seller with Integrity, as it seems you are, your work IS appreciated!

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Thank you for your response, @artlifeoriginal

But, I am afraid you are missing the point… What I am saying is that Fiverr’s system knows that the Gig is late, so instead of going through all of the hoops, after having held up my end of the bargain, I would like to see a “Cancel Order Immediately” option, as the Seller clearly didn’t hold up their end.

No, actually, if a seller does this very much it has a high negative impact on them. It isn’t visible to others like a review, but a seller will see the impact soon enough. Fiverr keeps analytics on those who are late many times, whether 5 minutes or 24 hrs. If it keeps happening, they’ll get warned by Fiverr and typically they get “on the radar” to be watched.

If it still keeps happening, they will lose partial or all visibility in search. If it goes even further, Fiverr will start to pause their gigs by force and give them some messages about delivery time. So, the effect is cumulative. A seller who did it once in a long while might be able to use it manipulatively, but those who are repeatedly late are going to have problems.

They may not be entirely banned, but they’ll have to do the difficult job of doing all their own marketing and repeatedly have to fight to keep their gigs even active. Fiverr wasn’t always quite this heavy on late sellers, but in recent months we’ve all seen a lot of change (weeding) in that area and others. Since Fiverr now also offers a real way to ask a buyer for an extension, the crackdown on those who just deliver late is gaining speed. I buy and sell, so I get both sides and I like where they are going with it.


Thank you, again, @fonthaunt

You are really knowledgable about all of this! I honestly thank you for your input!

I understand that, but that would also assume that Fiverr’s system is 100% infallible. No system is, that’s one reason why things like this are not completely automated.

Also, I would imagine that Fiverr would like to know whether the Seller is simply late or has no intention of delivering. Cancelling immediately prevents that information from being discovered.

There is also the issue that a Seller may have completed the work but ends up being unable to deliver it, through no fault of their own (site is down, ISP is down, storm/natural disaster, war, etc.). That is another reason it works like that.

@artlifeoriginal - you are absolutely correct about all of that, thank you for bringing up those points.

I am afraid my annoyance at the matter got the best of me, and I posted rashly… I was truly thinking that this was, as the category label stated, a “Fiverr Site Suggestion” section, and didn’t mean to start a whole debate LOL! But I sincerely thank you for your (accurate) insights. -Best!

You are in a suggestion area and your post will stay here so that a staff visitor might see it. :slight_smile: We have a passionate community of both sellers and buyers so it isn’t unusual to get comments in any forum category. I am glad the explanations were helpful. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

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No explanation necessary. :slight_smile: