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If any buyer send you order without messaging you

Help me please in this regards, if any buyer send me order without contacting me and then asked me to pay for it because he send it me by fault , now if you want to secure your profile so pay me order balance otherwise in case of cancellation or declined he will report . what is the solution of this type people? how can we resolve this issue? decline order or …what?


You can’t decline orders. You can only cancel an order.

What do you mean, ask you to pay for it?

Report you for what? Case of decline, what decline?

If a buyer places an order by mistake, you can cancel it, and the buyer would get their funds back. Why would they report you for it?

I’m sorry, but your questions make no sense. As if you don’t have the slightest idea about how Fiverr works.


So… let me get this straight. A buyer wanted to order from you, but he wanted you to pay.

I gotta say that i read your question and i didn’t understand it clearly sir.

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I cant tell why a buyer who placed an order by mistake would ask you to pay for it.

I think he means he will not cancel it unless you pay him for it, so you don’t get a cancellation. This is not how it works.

Go ahead and cancel it. Put in a cancellation request that he will have to agree to. If he refuses to accept the cancellation then ask customer support to cancel it.

Do not be afraid to cancel this. There is nothing you have done wrong that you need to be scared to cancel it. He has no reason to report you as you have not done anything.