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If any New fiverr member want help Just message me.I will guide you 1000%

I am working as freelancer from many years so right now i am thinking about to help about fiverr to new members from all our the world including my country PAKISTAN. I also want share my earning with all of you of 2017.


How is possible?

Your net income is: $6292.80 and you had already withdrawn $6334.80.
$6292.80-$6334.80= $42 , So Fiverr has given you $42 as Bonus :wink:


Interesting :slight_smile: What a generous Fiverr.


1st of all Apply on buyer request on daily basis.

2nd Share your GIG on all social media platforms in related groups of your services.

3rd Use fiver forum also on daily basis and also contact your previous clients if any.

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Bad idea - you can be reported for spam. :frowning_face:


I really do not understand what did you mean? How do you apply buyer requests? Buyers ask a work and you send them an offer. So they will apply your offer or not.

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Its not I am working on this profile from 2 years with same idea.

and be positive do not afraid new members saying spam.

I’m not trying to scare any new members - Fiverr CS counts messaging previous buyers as spam. You’re free to do what you like, but don’t encourage others to break the rules.


You have 10 tokens to apply on buyer request jobs on daily basis.

Just read the job carefully and also apply to the point .

I hope you will get orders on daily basis.

Do not worry about my orders :slight_smile:

Sorry I misunderstand you as your lack of English :wink:

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Orders are not relevant all the time, 1out of 100


You’ve made more than 300 sales but your profile doesn’t show any level badge. Can you tell us why? I’m just curious.


The math doesn’t add up.


Something is wrong with you. This is your posts.


You have 2 reviews in the past 3 months, no orders in queue and $8 pending clearance.
I am not sure if your methods are working as well as you say they do.
I am not sure if those stats really qualify you to be offering advice to others, and that’s aside from the math not adding up and the fact that you have not leveled up in the two years you are here.


You are right.

I am working on other website and i am high profile freelancer .

I just activated again my profile with fiverr help so i just want share my all experience with new peoples who wanted to get orders.

I deactivated my account due to worklaod of other freelancing website.

I activated fiverr profile again with the help of fiverr team and now i got 2 orders with 50 dollars and 8 dollars are in pending.

I activated my account after 3 to 4 months.

So your attached photo is not true. Is not this cheating people?

yes i am sharing my 6 month info only.