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If any of buyers had outstanding experience with sellers please share

If any of buyers had outstanding experience with sellers…i think community would love you know…please share your experience and your stories !
I had positive experience with He have done my logo So Cal Dog training that i love .
I also appreciate that Fiverr gives as chance so inexpensively to use the service of real Pro
My advice be specific and detailed with your requests ,know what you want , be realistic in your expectations, be nice and you will like his job as much as I do !

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Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Very easy to understand and communicate with! probably one of the best client (Y)

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We are mostly sellers but at least one person got a promotion on the forum from this, which probably wont’ result in a single sale…

Thank you for your comment. That person :slight_smile: truly deserves that { did you see my logo? } and i will express my positive opinion about his job everywhere …Trust me if i wasn’t happy, it would be different opinions the forum:} Have a Wonderful and Blessing day !