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If any of your ratings is not going up, talk to fiverr support

my delivery rating has been stuck arround 80% for nearly 4month now and it was painfully growing to 86% and droping back to 85% the next day, i was deliverying on time but having revisions i thought that was what causing it but even when i delivered everything and i had nothing in my todo list, the rating woun’t go above 86%.

A few days ago i got notification in my email about new orders but when i went to the dashboard i could not see them, i thought this was a bug so i contacted fiverr, and even talked to them about how my delivery rating was not changing, in the reply they told me to clear my browser cache to see if the orders would show up but they din’t say anything about my delivery rating.

i din’t clear cache or anything because i had already delivered the orders, i accessed them through my email notifications, but after that email from fiverr by delivery rating is now at 90%.

Am not sure if they did anything about it or not but it wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened to me, i think in 2016 or 2017 there was a time i was not getting anyorder at all, no impressions no view may be afew impressions and views but no orders for a nearly 3month, i told fiverr about it they replied we shall look into it and that was it, the next day i got about 5orders.

It could be conicidental it could be they did something about it, i can’t tell because when things work again i dont contact them anymore and they don’t ask me if everything is ok or that they fixed the problem.

if you are having the same issues try talking to them, you really have nothing to loose