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If any technical/development staff are reading this please listen

The new gig pages s-u-c-k beyond belief, The older variant was perfect - It outlined everything perfectly for us to secure orders and for you to make money. Please change it back it is an almost inexcusable example of a GUI and will offput customers.

Condensing gig information into a single file user interface is poor design full stop, I’m sure you and most of us sellers will lose a lot of business because of it

I’m going to use this 400th thread on this topic to rant today because my skins seem to have stopped flipping and I’m stuck with this new one.

Things that are probably not a great idea to take away:

Orders in queue display.

It’s not vital, but neither is half of my liver, that doesn’t mean I’m going to have it removed - ‘fat cutting unessential features’ really isn’t more important than how useful it can be.

Gig description formatting

Why would you remove that, at all, shouldn’t that be being enhanced? Like with Michael Bay effects?

That ugly “highlight” formatting has been left in, of all things. I only use that because there’s no option to change the text colour for these sections.

Can we at least get paragraph indentations?

Why are the dot points gone? We will all be inserting symbols into our descriptions, taking up valuable character limit real-estate.

We need the different sized text. We need to be able to create headings and subheadings.

Guys, what are you doing, sure it looks lovely and clean but this isn’t helping us communicate.

Oh well. At least the clickable keyword links are cool.