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If anyone can help I will be very grateful


Hi there,

I am new here in Basically, I provide SEO services, Wordpress and photoshop work. I noticed that not only buyers can create buyer request but also a seller can create a buyers request. So my question is how can a seller can post in buyers request?

Here is an attachment.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
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Hello badhonazad,

the Buyer Requests section is for buyers only.
Some sellers post in that section as they were buyers, with the intent to promote themselves, but this is wrong.

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Thank you so much pacquo.

Happy New Year!


welcome & happy new year bro !


There also have been sellers who have come on the Forum to :cry: because Fiverr has taken their gig or account (I cannot remember which it was) down for advertising there. Only sellers can see the posts that are posted there. No buyers can see the posts so when you see that offers have been sent to these sellers, it is only other sellers offering to work for them. :joy: