If anyone Can help me Understand this?


Hey you all sweet people from fiverr market.

I am very new on fiverr, i have published my good gigs with very affordable price yet with high quality services. My GIGs are getting views and clicks but its not converging into sells? No order yet, Why? Price is low, services are high quality, with good gig description than what could be the problem please??
Here is Link to my Fiverr Profile…


it will take time
be passionte


I know it would take time, but already my GIG has 10 click and views, still no single convergent !!


send proposal to client on daily basis.
then you will get Oder…:slight_smile:


in my preferred niche, i dont see any buyer requests. i dont know why! :frowning:


There’s nothing special about your gig. There are probably 100 other gigs offering the same, but the difference is that they already have positive reviews.


i would be very thankful if you can suggest something.

  1. You’re focusing on the wrong value point. Getting a higher ranking is not the end-goal, revenue is. You’ve been working as an SEO specialist since 2012, right? Instead of those stock photos show what impact your work had on one of your client’s revenue.
  2. You don’t have any reviews on this site, but can you get a video testimonial from one of your previous clients? Someone brave enough to vouch for your service.
  3. List of actions is pretty much waste of chars. Do you think business owners even know what a GZIP compression means? More importantly, should they? Use those chars to explain the overall process and value you bring to their business.
  4. If you’re using tools then don’t focus on the tools, but explain how much it would cost for a user to use those tools on their own.
  5. You can add PDFs, why not add one of your reports as an example.


This is a wonderful piece of information dude, i am confident with your suggestions i would be getting orders, thank you so much for rectifying these mistakes. i would alter all my gigs.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I am also new here. I read a lot to improve my account. I found that social sharing can get some clients to me. I have already 2. Thanks


Just read through your profile and noticed your introduction started with “I”, but When it comes down to the quality of service confirmation, you have used “WE”.

Psychologically, People tend to use 'WE" when they are not ready to take on a direct responsibility for the product sold or is not ready to guarantee results.

On Freelance service platform like Fiverr, Buyers will prefer a ONE to ONE interaction directly with the Seller, to make things less complicated and for a personal care from the Seller themselves.

Try changing this “WE” to “I” and this will have a positive effect on the psychology of the Buyer to be interested in your service.

All the BEST.


Bro, From my experience let me tell you. Be patient and have faith. Indeed your hard work not gonna fall in vain.


@akramfakir Can you please mention on which platform you shared your gig ?


I tried Facebook, Twitter, Thumblr, Googleplus etc…


Use buyer request as you are new. Also as @uxreview said

He is right. I have even 200+ review and I offer your kind of service too but I always don’t see conversion in that gig. So you have to work hard and reach people until you get some reviews


Dont Give up bro, I’m also a new on fiverr and still no order yet…